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Greenpeace Arctic Activist on Phone with Oil Rig Worker & Cairn Energy Headquarters {VIDEO}

Following up on my posts on Greenpeace’s Arctic activism (it is attempting to stop Cairn Energy from drilling for oil in the Arctic, or at least get a hold of their oil spill response plan for the region), here’s a video of Greenpeace’s Ben Ayliffe on the phone with workers on the Leiv Eiriksson oil rig in the Arctic and Cairn Energy representatives at its headquarters as well as him reading an email from them. Enjoy.

Facebook Unfriend Coal Campaign Video (Brilliant & Super Cute)

I wrote on Facebook’s “unfriend coal” campaign a couple weeks ago, focusing on the conversation between leaders in the activism giant’s organization and leaders in the internet giant’s organization. Since that time, Facebook has put out a brilliant and super-cute campaign video (below) and I’ve run across some more interesting (shocking, I might say) information.

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