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Greasy Rider: Vegetable Oil Powers Benz Cross Country (Movie)

  It is no secret that there is often a striking discord between how we speak about environmental issues and how we actually live our lives.  As we extol the benefits of “green energy” such as wind power, solar power, or geothermal energy, we will inevitably hop back into our fossil-fueled cars for our routine

13 Reasons for You to Take Climate Action

  OK, it’s a little more than 13,.. and this list could go on & on… & on. But I hope the 13 photos below drive home the point. We need climate action. We need it on the individual level, and we need it on the government level. And, in order to get it on

13-Year-Old Creates Breakthrough Solar Technology.. Then Gets Debunked (+ Top Green Living Stories)

One of the biggest green living stories of the past several days is one of a a 13-year-old, Aidan Dwyer, who reportedly created and filed a patent for a groundbreaking, super energy-efficient solar panel array setup based on the Fibonacci sequence of some tree branches. The system was supposedly 20% more efficient than traditional, flat solar panel arrays, in general, and 50% more efficient in winter.

Clean Tech Patents Skyrocketing Under Obama Administration

One of the best things our society can do to address the many environmental challenges we are facing is switch to a low-carbon or clean tech economy. But part of doing so means innovation and improvement of clean technologies. The good news is that the Obama administration gets this and has been doing a lot

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