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This Week’s Conservation & Science Jobs

Here are the latest conservation and science related jobs from our partners at Green Job Post. Learn more about our affordable job listings for great companies at GreenJobPost, and sign up for updates to find jobs in conservation, science, cleantech, waste & recycling, sustainable food and so many more. Media Officer: Greenpeace Job Description: Greenpeace

Romney: No Green Jobs in U.S. (64,000 in His State!)

Way to pretend your citizens and their jobs don’t exist. Many environmentally minded folks (i.e. people who realize we need clean air, clean water, and a livable climate to survive and to have a high quality of life) had a little hope that Romney might be a “green” Republican presidential candidate, because he admitted that

Planetsave Job Board!

You may or may not have noticed: we added a green jobs board for you all on the bottom-right side of all our pages. The system is specifically tailored to you all, but can be adjusted as time goes on to make it even more relevant.

If you’re looking for a job (or just curious), check it out and let us know if you have any feedback.

You can also create a customized subscription to the job board in a few ways:

Green Economy Board Game!

A friend of Planetsave, Scott Cooney of, has developed a green economy board game, which will be launching for the holiday season later this year. In the game, players are impact investors shooting for the best triple bottom line return on their investments in the state of Hawai’i, where, currently, 90% of the state’s electricity comes from burning diesel fuel.

Green Living, Activism, and Clean Energy Stories of the Day

Some of the top green living, activism, and clean energy stories from the past day or so: Activism Greenpeace Gives Facebook “Unfriend Coal” Deadline Greenpeace has been pushing Facebook to “unfriend coal” and go the route of clean energy for awhile. Facebook, for the most part, hasn’t listened. Greenpeace is now telling Facebook it should

Global Warming Politics, Environment, and Animal Stories of the Day

Some top global warming and environmental news from the last day or so: Global Warming & Environmental Politics Time to Put People Ahead of Polluters Over on ecopolitology, Sierra Club’s Michael Brune had a good piece on why it’s time to put people ahead of polluters. Senate 2012 Race & Tea Partiers The conservative right

Clean Energy, Clean Transportation and Green Living News

Some of the top clean energy, clean transport, and green living stories of the last day or so: Clean Energy China’s Green Economy Leadership “China sees green as the future engine of its economy. Although currently the world’s leading greenhouse gas emitter, China is serious about slowing greenhouse gas emissions and using renewable energy.” Green Jobs, Good

WV Coal Miners “Keeping the Lights On” Installing Solar Arrays!

West Virginia coal miners have always taken pride in supplying energy to the world. Although their work hours are long and the hazards of the job are many. They reluctantly dig coal to support their families, because there are no other opportunities for these hard working individuals. In a state that is politically controlled by

Empire State Building Gets a Greening [VIDEO]

Think you can’t green your home? Even the 1931 Empire State Building can and has done so. And while it cost a ton for the Empire Building to go green, the retrofit is expected to save $4 million a year and will pay for itself in 3 years. For more, watch the video below:

Green Jobs and Clean Energy: #1 Way to Lead the World

How long did the idea that green issues and the economy were in competition proliferate the US? For decades. Now, top-of-the-world entrepeneurs, the President of the United States, leading representatives in Congress, and research institutes are saying that green jobs and a green economy are the way to a healthy economy. Recent statements by Barbara

EPA Calling for More Diversity in Environmentalism

In another effort to bridge the sustainability gaps in our society today, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called for more diversity in environmentalism yesterday. Speaking to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, she stated clearly that low-income and minority groups are often hit the hardest by environmental problems. “The place where I grew up is like

30 Workers Now Occupy Ill-Fated UK Wind Turbine Plant

The planned closure of a wind turbine manufacturing facility on England’s Isle of Wight moved several workers to seize control of the plant on Monday night. [Update: July 21, 11:36pm GMT: Since workers first seized the plant on Monday night, 5 more workers slipped police lines to join the 25 workers already occupying the administrative

Moving Forward with My Entry-Level Green Job Search

[Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of Michael’s search for an entry-level job within an environmentally-focused non-profit or NGO] Make sure to read my last update on my job search if you missed it. On a whim, I ended up speaking on camera to a college newspaper writer in Chicago about my troubles finding a

Prop H Protesters Construct Wind Turbines at PG&E Offices [PHOTOS]

San Francisco’s Prop H is taking on their biggest opponent today – PG&E! The utility company has spent more than $9.9 Million to prevent San Francisco from having cheaper and renewable energy. Come join the rally at: PG&E’s downtown headquarters at 77 Beale St at noon. [youtube=] They’ll be erecting three twelve-foot “Yes on H”

My Search for an Entry-Level Green Job, Part One

Hello, my name is Michael. I am a new writer here at Planetsave and I will be spending my first couple months documenting my personal search for a green job amidst America’s growing economic hardship. I am in a good position to find a job, or so I hope. I graduated a few months ago

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