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The Green Economy and I, Robot

{Note to the reader: this is my entry into the UNEP’s World Environment Day (WED) blogging competition, addressing the 2012 theme: The Green Economy – Does It Include You? After considering many examples of who the ‘you’ in the title could refer to, I’ve decided to hand over this blog entry to my GAIA (General

Green Economy Board Game!

A friend of Planetsave, Scott Cooney of, has developed a green economy board game, which will be launching for the holiday season later this year. In the game, players are impact investors shooting for the best triple bottom line return on their investments in the state of Hawai’i, where, currently, 90% of the state’s electricity comes from burning diesel fuel.

Green Jobs and Clean Energy: #1 Way to Lead the World

How long did the idea that green issues and the economy were in competition proliferate the US? For decades. Now, top-of-the-world entrepeneurs, the President of the United States, leading representatives in Congress, and research institutes are saying that green jobs and a green economy are the way to a healthy economy. Recent statements by Barbara

5 Strategies to Green Any Job

You can’t beat the satisfaction of making the world a cleaner, more pristine place. For this reason, more and more people want green jobs. The more President Obama talks about them, the better they sound. In reality, many of us can have a tremendous impact, without working for a wildlife reserve or a solar energy

Moving Forward with My Entry-Level Green Job Search

[Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of Michael’s search for an entry-level job within an environmentally-focused non-profit or NGO] Make sure to read my last update on my job search if you missed it. On a whim, I ended up speaking on camera to a college newspaper writer in Chicago about my troubles finding a

Prop H Protesters Construct Wind Turbines at PG&E Offices [PHOTOS]

San Francisco’s Prop H is taking on their biggest opponent today – PG&E! The utility company has spent more than $9.9 Million to prevent San Francisco from having cheaper and renewable energy. Come join the rally at: PG&E’s downtown headquarters at 77 Beale St at noon. [youtube=] They’ll be erecting three twelve-foot “Yes on H”

My Search for an Entry-Level Green Job, Part One

Hello, my name is Michael. I am a new writer here at Planetsave and I will be spending my first couple months documenting my personal search for a green job amidst America’s growing economic hardship. I am in a good position to find a job, or so I hope. I graduated a few months ago

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