gray wolves

It's Open Season On Gray Wolves In Wyoming [VIDEO]

Wildlife lovers may already know that the U.S. Department of the Interior has removed the gray wolf (Canis lupus) from it’s endangered species list — leaving the wolves vulnerable to local State “management” policies. In the State of Wyoming, the current management policy seems almost indistinguishable from an eradication effort; the state’s management plan, which went

Groups Ask eBay to Ban Auctions of Guided Trophy Hunts

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Big Wildlife, and the Alaska Wildlife Alliance have asked eBay to stop the sale of guided trophy hunts for top predators like bears, wolves, cougars, and wolverines. [social_buttons] While most guided hunts currently listed on eBay are for animals like deer, elk, and geese, some auctions for predators are available, including

The Saga Continues: Ashley Judd Responds to Sarah Palin on Larry King [Video]

[youtube=] The debate over the aerial killing of wildlife in Alaska rages on with Ashley Judd and Defenders of Wildlife president Rodger Schlickeisen appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live last night. [social_buttons] Judd discusses why she so vehemently opposes aerial hunting (and later name-drops Van Jones and the Green Collar Economy) while Schlickeisen responds to

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