Small Scale Municipal Solar Installations Being Dismantled In Copenhagen Due To Silly Legislation

According to the Danish municipal organisation a total of 4 relativly new and perfectly functional small scale solar installations on public buildings in Copenhagen are being dismantled right now due to complex and utterly silly regulatory legislation. Silly legislation The rules are different for municipal buildings than state owned buildings, and amongst other nifty

New Climate Analysis Indicators Tool From WRI

If you’re looking for answers about greenhouse gas pollution and other climate indicators, you’ll get a quick step up from the Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT 2.0) produced by the World Resources Institute. (WRI is a global research organization founded in the early 80s that works closely with leaders “to turn big ideas into action

Cape Coral Verdict Makes Living Off the Grid Illegal in Florida

If you’re in Florida and hope to live a more sustainable “off the grid” lifestyle that’s free from the influence of energy companies and massive agricultural conglomerates by adding solar panels to your home, harvesting rainwater, and planting an organic garden on your property- watch out.

A New Beginning: WORLD 5.0

This is a guest post by a good online friend and long-time Planetsave reader, Jim Prues, who is launching a large, positive project I want to getting fully behind. As you can tell from the article below, Jim is a very pointed, clear, and positively motivated person. Enjoy! & get involved!

Costs vs True Value/Benefits of Solar Power

The benefits of solar really do match the cost of solar, but many of the benefits, often important to society or rate-payers as a whole, are invisible to individuals. Government incentives to encourage solar power adoption, thus, make complete & practical sense. Truthfully, the incentives offered for solar power purchasing should be even greater.

A Warm and Dry Britain and Ireland {Photo of the Day}

The image shows a brown and dry landscape, unsurprising as it followed one of the warmest months on record. The image shows Scotland (top) and Northern Ireland (bottom left) after they had endured just two-thirds of the rain normally expected in April, and increased temperatures.

Completion of Earthquake Early Warning System Urged for U.S. West Coast

Despite the huge loss of life following the Tonoku earthquake and consequent tsunami, the losses would have been even greater were it not for an earthquake early warning system set in place by the government of Japan following the devastating Kobe quake in the mid 1990’s.

A similar early warning system has been underway for nearly ten years in California, but remains incomplete.

Americans: Boiling Frogs?

Boiling frogs — this is the U.S. citizenry today. How did it come about? First off, what do I mean by boiling frogs? If you’re unfamiliar with this apparent truth, if one were to put frogs in a pot of water and very slowly heat it, the frogs wouldn’t notice the water was heating to

Road Would Disrupt Serengeti Migration

New research published in a recent issue of the journal PLoS ONE has found that a proposal by the Tanzanian government to build a highway through the Serengeti National Park would devastate one of the world’s last large-scale herd migrations as well as the region’s ecosystem. The researchers studied the effects of the proposal by

The Future of Energy & How to Achieve It

If you ask environmentally-minded people or typical liberals/progressives about what sort of energy we should be using and what energy technologies our governments should be promoting, you are sure to see a lot of support for renewable energy like solar and wind, as well as the components that make those options more viable, like large

Setting Ourselves Up for a Nuclear Disaster Like the BP Oil Spill?

Nuclear energy experts warning that proposed deregulation of the nuclear energy industry could result in a nuclear-style BP oil spill disaster. [social_buttons] Just as deregulation of the oil industry was a key factor leading to the BP oil spill, energy experts are warning that we may be setting ourselves up for a disaster in the

America’s Climate Choices #1 – Advancing the Science of Climate Change

The National Research Council has released three reports focusing on why the US should act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and form a coherent plan to deal with the changing climate. [social_buttons]”These reports show that the state of climate change science is strong,” said Ralph J. Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences.

Canada Says Chemicals Used In Cosmetics Could Cause Cancer

[social_buttons] In shocking news, the Canadian government has announced that two chemicals used in cosmetics are carcinogens that are severely harmful to human health. A further two chemicals found in lipstick and other personal care products have also been found to be highly toxic to the environment. The two cancer-causing chemicals, isoprene and epichlorohydrin, have

Former Playboy Playmate Vanessa Carbone Stages Naked Protest Against Japanese Whaling

[social_buttons] Former playboy playmate Vanessa Carbone has staged an unconventional protest against Japanese whaling, by holding a naked demonstration outside the Japanese embassy in Santiago, Chile (pictures). The Argentinian model was among a group of protesters demanding that the Chilean government create a whale sanctuary in the country’s territorial waters. Stripped down to nothing more

Oil and Gas Industry Pays Off US Govt. with Sex, Drugs

A new report says that Big Oil enticed U.S. government employees with sex, drugs, and other “improper” gifts. If any doubt was left about the complicit corruption of current U.S. energy policy, a report released earlier today by the Interior Department’s inspector general stated that U.S. government employees received what they politely called “improper gifts”

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