FERC Gives Nod To Apple Petition For Selling Electricity

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) last Thursday approved a June 6 application from Apple’s energy subsidiary to sell electricity in six regional power markets around the country at market rates. “Based on your representations, Apple Energy meets the criteria for a Category 1 seller in all regions and is so designated,” Steve Rodgers, director

Great Wind Energy Deals Are Swaying Major Players

In search of low-cost, fixed-rate electricity, great wind energy deals are swaying Fortune 500 companies and other major players to throw their money “into the wind.” Signing contracts for over 2,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity, big brands, high-tech companies, and other non-utility customers represented 52 percent of wind energy generating capacity in 2015. An Emerging

SunPower, SunEdison, Among Others, Partner With Google’s Project Sunroof

Originally published on Solar Love. As we wrote months ago when it launched, Google has a free online service that uses its mapping information and partner offers from solar installers to provide fast estimates of how much a homeowner might save by investing in a solar power system. Dubbed “Project Sunroof,” it also provides information on things like

Google Launches Free EV Shuttle Service in Mountain View, CA

Four new 100% electric community shuttle buses have hit the road in the beautiful Silicon Valley city of Mountain View, California. The four electric shuttles are free to the public, thanks to Google, and are equipped with seating for 16 passengers, a wheelchair lift, space for two wheelchairs, Wi-Fi connectivity, and bicycle racks on the outside

New Google Maps Help You Navigate The World's Transit

A couple of sparkly infographics tout Google’s improvements to its public transit maps today. Over the years, the information giant has been pretty thoughtful in publishing transit information for those who don’t or can’t travel by car. Apparently, that’s 70% of the world’s population, although just over 50% of Americans are carless, er, car-free, and

Google Self-Driving Cars Hitting City Streets

As the next stage of development for Google’s self-driving car project, its self-driving vehicles have been hitting actual city streets… and all the unexpected obstacles that jump out into them. Well, I guess the point is that they aren’t hitting those obstacles. Apparently, they’re doing that better than humans themselves. “Since our last update, we’ve logged

Google & SunPower Invest Big Cash In Residential Solar Leasing Fund

Internet and solar giants Google and SunPower announced a useful break for power customers (and a small climate change deterrent) yesterday by entering a $250 million partnership in clean US home energy for the future. A new fund ($100 million from Google and $150 million from SunPower) will help finance residential rooftop solar leases for

A Special Solar Drone For Social Media

Drones are no longer known as mere weapons of war. At least, that’s how Google, Facebook, and other online giants like Amazon appear to be thinking. Google has just acquired Titan Aerospace, a promising solar-powered drone maker, as part of its plans to globalize wireless internet. Titan’s website provides news that the company is working

Summer Solstice 2013 Google Doodle Is Refreshing

Summer solstice 2013 is here. Among other things, that means it’s hot! It also means a lot of people are headed to the beach to enjoy the sun and also cool off in the ocean… or sea or lake or whatever you have in your area. Google has commemorated the annual event with a cool

Google Invests $200 Million In Texas Wind Project

  Google, which has a history of investing plenty in large-scale renewable energy projects, just announced that it has invested $200 million in a Texan wind power project. The project is called the Spinning Spur Wind Project, which is a 161MW wind farm that was originally built by EDF Renewable Energy. It is powered by 70 2.3MW

Google Conference Bike for 7 People (Video of Conan O'Brien Riding It)

  How would you like to have a conference on a 7-person bike? Well, if that sounds like a dream conference, you might like to look into a job at Google. The ConferenceBike it uses actually has its own website (,.. a rather retro-looking website. As the website states: “It’s no joke: the ConferenceBike is a revolutionary

News Roundup & Action Opportunities!

Some more green news of the week: 1. The Weekly Standard Does Horrible Job Covering “Climategate 2”. The full post The Weekly Standard apart over on Media Matters is worth a read, but here are the key points from the piece (note: Hayward is the author): Hayward Cites Email About Page Limits To Claim That

New Geothermal Research Bodes Well for US

More than three million megawatts of green power are waiting underground if the United States are willing to go looking for it, says a new study. The new research was funded by and conducted by scientists from the Southern Methodist University and showed there is 10 times the installed capacity of coal power plants

How Much Energy Does the Internet Consume?

The Internet uses more electricity than the entire auto industry’s production of cars and trucks combined. IT companies and users need to discover renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power to provide electricity for the Internet.

How to Green your Community

I have spent hours researching how to turn my community green. I suppose I’m a little too anxious to create change. I went directly for who I should contact locally for changing laws and such. Again, I was reminded that all things take time. One of the first things pretty much every site said about community change was that you should form a group. And it’s true, there is great strength in numbers, so here’s how to go about it.

Google Earth Exploring The Ocean Floor

Google Earth has always been a fantastic tool, and it has not become even more useful, as Google – in collaboration with Columbia University – has added more ocean seafloor to Google Earth than has ever been available before. As a result, you can now explore half the ocean area that has ever been mapped – an area larger than the size of North America – from the comfort of your own home.

7 Google Clean Energy Investments

Google is a clean energy leader (if you haven’t heard). It’s made a number of big clean energy investments in the past year or two and I recently decided to compile a little list of 7 of its biggest over on CleanTechnica. Check them out…

Public Distrusts Climate Science due to Lack of Understanding

Despite a large majority of scientists with intimate knowledge of the planet’s climate agreeing that climate change is real and human-induced, the public still persists in distrusting the majority at the hands of a few wayward sceptics.

This is not surprising, but a new study conducted by Caren Cooper, a research associate who works on citizen science projects at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, sheds some light on just why the public insist on letting the minority influence their opinions on this matter.

Satellite Imagery of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Aftermath

Japan was struck by what is now known as a magnitude-9 level earthquake, which took place on March 11, 2011, at 2:46 p.m. local time (05:46 UTC) off the east coast of Japan. The epicenter was 130 kilometers (80 miles) east of Sendai, and 373 kilometers (231 miles) northeast of Tokyo, and has been labeled

Climate Change Tours in Google Earth [VIDEO]

In case you weren’t aware, Google Earth has been used to create a number of great climate change tours in the past year or so. From climate change effects to rainforest tours about solutions to it, there’s some really good stuff available. Google has a short video summarizing and highlighting some of its climate change

Saying Thank You to Climate Leaders Worth Over $1 Trillion

11:149. This is basically the ratio of pro- and anti-climate legislation lobbying expenditures in 2009. The oil and gas industry put in $175 million. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put in $123.3 million. And pro-environmental groups put in $22.4 million. ExxonMobil, alone, spent more money on lobbying than all pro-environmental groups spent in total, $27.4

Google Earth Map Now Highlighting Effects of Climate Change

Using peer-reviewed science and Google Earth technology, a new map shows what will happen if the global average temperature goes 4°C above the pre-industrial average. Climate change is very abstract, even to those who think, read, and write about it a lot (ahem…). Creating visuals that show what will happen (or is happening) as a

Green Jobs and Clean Energy: #1 Way to Lead the World

How long did the idea that green issues and the economy were in competition proliferate the US? For decades. Now, top-of-the-world entrepeneurs, the President of the United States, leading representatives in Congress, and research institutes are saying that green jobs and a green economy are the way to a healthy economy. Recent statements by Barbara

Google Earth Adds Underwater Ocean Element

Geared towards raising awareness of endangered ocean habitats, a new online tool allows viewers an in-depth peek at underwater reefs around the world. Google Earth has taken us up and out into the universe, and now they are taking us down and under the surface of the sea. The new Google Earth ‘layer’ will allow

Microsoft-Yahoo Merger, Greener Than Google?

Just how green is the Internet? Going virtual has the potential to save significant amounts of energy, with a recent study predicting that Internet services could reduce carbon emissions by staggering 1 billion tons. But look beyond the green hype, and the web has a dark secret – at the other end of your Internet

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