global water crisis

How Biodiversity Loss is Like LeBron James & The Miami Heat

I saw this posted on Climate Central a few days ago and passed on reposting it. But, with Miami’s big win in Boston and the 7th game in the series happening tonight (go, Miami!), I finally thought I’d repost this one. It’s a great analogy and drives home a very important point. Check it out

Global Crisis Wrap-up (Global Crisis Series)

There are many causes that could create a global crisis, from food shortages to financial shortfalls to the effects of global warming and climate change. But the biggest concern is what effect a crisis could have on humanity. When a crisis occurs, it is usually followed by some type of suffering that is endured by

5 Water Conservation Gifts to Give This Holiday

The National Retail Federation estimates Americans will spend $465 billion on holiday giving this year. With any luck, a portion of that will be spent buying water conservation gifts. Water conservation is more often thought of as a thing that we do rather than a thing that we give, but this holiday season it can

Top Ten Water Saving Tips

We are dealing with our current financial crisis after it became a crisis. This reactionary style is very “American”. Therefore, I propose we do something “un-American” and attack the looming water crisis with more of a preventative strategy. In fact, that is our only option. It’s not like we have a choice to be reactionary

Drink Your Pee!: The Future of Water Filtration

Dean Kamen wants you to drink your pee…or sewage, or toxic, disease infested water. But not until after his Slingshot has worked its magic! The Super-Inventor unfortunately most known for the failure of his Segway has segway-ed into world-changing inventions. His latest, the Slingshot, can turn any collection of water-containing cocktails (ie. urine, ocean water,

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