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Wealth & Natural Resource Supply Cross-Cross

Yep, as the rich get richer and the rest of us get poorer, GDP rises and our natural resources dwindle. Here’s a chart from the Demos think tank showing that: From Think Progress, where I found it: “A new report by the Demos think tank explains that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a poor measure of economic

China Ecological Footprint Report 2010

As we all know, China is growing rapidly. It is focusing a lot on clean energy and other clean tech, but it is also using a lot of dirty energy and is consuming natural resources like never before. Some may not want to believe it, but the Earth has finite resources and finite abilities to

Hong Kong Ecological Footprint is Twice as Large as China's

[social_buttons] A startling new WWF study has revealed that people living in Hong Kong currently use twice as many resources as residents in China, more than double the sustainable level. To feed the vibrant city’s massive demand for natural resources, and absorb the CO2 emitted, residents need an area of land and sea larger than

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