Glenn Beck

Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin's lifeguard

Ronald Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine, thus spawning the one-sided, fear-mongering, bs-fest that is Rush Limbaugh and inevitably, FOX News. Now I think I see why Palin called him “America’s lifeguard” (referring, of course, to Sarah Palin’s America). Wondering what the Fairness Doctrine has to do with the environment? Read the links below. Why is

Top 30 Planetsave Posts of 2010

I know, you are extremely curious to find out which posts on Planetsave got the most views in 2010. I was too. Here they are, the top 30. Did you read them all? 30. Amazon River (10 Friday Photos) People love pretty pictures, (especially of the Amazon). 29. Top Environmental Organizations in the United States (7 Green

Glenn Beck’s 10 “Best” Anti-Environment Freak Outs

Our good friend Timothy Hurst over at ecopolitology recently created a top 10 list of Glenn Beck’s “Greatest” (i.e. most absurd) anti-environment freak outs. Good stuff,.. if he were actually joking. From the EPA merging with churches to the green movement thinking humans are viruses to Al Gore creating Hitler youth, Glenn Beck has proposed

Can't Spell HATE Without T-E-A (cartoon)

Opposition to health care reform, threats of holy book burning, anti-immigration legislation, opposition to gay marriage, and the growing influence of the horrifically xenophobic Hate-Everyone-Not-Like-Me Party…WOW! Is this 2010 or 1810??? We are on a fast track to SCARY!!! These hate-children of Palin and Beck are getting WAY too much TV time! Follow Joe Mohr’s

Thank Steve Jobs, Apple for Leaving Fox News & Standing Up to Glenn Beck

Show your support for Apple’s decision to ditch Fox News below. Apparently, after Glenn Beck called President Obama a “racist” and progressivism “cancer,” some companies took notice and decided enough was enough. 33 companies, including Apple, told Fox they wanted their ads moved from Glenn Beck’s show to another advertising slot last August. This didn’t

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