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World Wind Power In 2012 Advances Nearly 20%

Global wind energy increased by nearly 20% in 2012, helping to boost maximum worldwide capacity to 282 gigawatts (GW), according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). Leading countries helping to increase global wind capacity included the United States and China, who were neck and neck in annual installations. Each country installed around 13 GW

Solar Energy Take-Up Across the World

  The global solar power industry has experienced remarkable growth since the 2009 recession. The growth rate each year between 2007 to 2011 was around 70%. At the end of 2011, the total GW of solar panels installed worldwide was 62, divided between residential roofs, commercial buildings, and utility plants. With increasing pressure for the

China Continues to Dominate Global Renewable Energy Market

  Ernst & Young released late August their quarterly global Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices report which showed that China is set to continue it domination of the global renewable energy market, as US elections and political support in Europe prevent other countries from keeping up. The Ernst & Young report “provide  scores in 40 countries for national

Germany: Aiming for 52 GW of Solar PV by 2020.. On Target

  Germany is leading the world in installed solar power, and it’s actually planning a lot more for the years to come. Here’s more from sister site CleanTechnica on Germany’s solar power goals — to hit 52 GW of installed solar PV by 2020 — and its progress so far. [repostus hash=aee3fa1eaf761a3ca64b845e71dd3d86 title=Germany%20Right%20on%20Schedule%20with%20PV%20Capacity%20Growth host=Clean%20Technica short=182VN]

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