Honey Prairie Fire From Space {Photo of the Day}

The plumes of smoke visible in this image of the Honey Prairie Fire are probably the only thing to worry about, as the fire scours away the scrub and brush in the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia, clearing the land for fresh prairie grass to grow back.

Zebra/Donkey Hybrid — Zedonk

Too wild not to share: zebra/donkey hybrid (i.e. zedonk) was born in Georgia this week. A “zedonk” was just born in the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in north Georgia (the state, not the country). She’s got a donkey for a mother and a zebra stallion for a father. It is a rather rare animal and even

Friendship between LION, TIGER and BEAR [VIDEO & PICS] If we could all just get along like these three unusual friends, we would live in a much different world. In human society, people often do not like others simply because they are different. Humans kill over this matter. In more normal and everyday life, people may not kill each other but may not

Court Halts Construction of Coal-Fired Power Plant in Georgia

A Superior Court Judge in Fulton County, Georgia has ruled that construction of Dynegy’s Longleaf plant be halted until it is assured the plant will limit the amount of carbon dioxide it releases. The original permit would have allowed the plant to emit 9 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, something the court said was

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