George W. Bush

US Global Climate Fund Move Will Eclipse Keystone XL Furor

(BREAKING–Reposted from our sister site, CleanTechnica) We’ve thought for a while that the US had more leadership to contribute to the world climate process, so today’s news (still on the gossip vine at present) that President Obama has a $3 billion pledge in his pocket for the Global Climate Fund is not a total surprise.

Former Fish and Wildlife Service Director Disappointed with Obama, but Hopes to Create Change with Defenders of Wildlife

Jamie Rappaport Clark, the former Fish and Wildlife Service director who later this year takes over one of Washington’s most influential environmental advocacy groups, Defenders of Wildlife, pledged to “be absolutely rock solid” in holding the Obama administration accountable for its decisions on endangered species and conservation. That’s the intro to a piece over on

AIDS News Coverage Losing Out to Climate Change, Study Finds

Remember AIDS awareness ads like the one above? Newspaper articles and PSAs were appearing with increasing frequency in newspapers and magazines in the early 1990’s. But that trend has been dramatically reversed, according to recent findings. In a survey of newspaper (broadsheet) content conducted by the Trends in Sustainability (TIS) Project, coverage of AIDS-related issues

NASA Giving Climate Science Funding a 62% Boost

NASA planning a 62% boost in climate science funding by 2015, to make up for cuts made during the George W. Bush administration. [social_buttons] NASA has announced a dramatic climate science budget increase this month. Although, it is really just a correction for dramatic budget cuts made during the George W. Bush era. NASA’s Earth

Americans Debating Climate Change

From the man who has sent an occupation force to another country with no feasible exit-strategy and thus its own budgetary concerns, comes this gem of a quote; “I urge the Congress to be very careful about running up enormous costs for future generations of Americans.” George W. Bush – as if you hadn’t guessed

Bush Continues to Erode Own Scientific Integrity

George W. Bush has definitely been a polarizing personality in his two terms as leader of the United States of America. From the beginning and his War on Iraq he has seemingly attempted to paint himself as nothing more than a moronic menace. Of late, Bush has turned his sights on becoming the world’s greatest

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