International Radio Broadcast Equivocal About Geoengineering

In a spot aired this afternoon called “Geoengineers: Who will rule the climate?” the world’s third largest radio station, Voice of Russia, seems to be wobbling on whether or not wholesale scientific experimentation could alter the destructive path of anthropomorphic climate change. VOR, reportedly the first radio station to broadcast internationally, serves about 109 million listeners of

Could Solar Geoengineering Prove Effective?

  Geoengineering has been a hot topic over the past little while and into this mix has come a new study looking at the possibility of using solar geoengineering to counter the loss of Arctic sea ice by tailoring geoengineering by region and by need. A team of leading researchers developed a new computer model

Climate Scientists Pushing for Large-Scale Geoengineering Funded by Bill Gates

The earth is in a tail spin when it comes to climate change and finding an effective solution, unfortunately this is not an easy task. Emission control is one way, but effectively implementing it on a global scale takes quite some time. Also getting all countries on board, well that’s another problem. Now a handful of billionaires, including Bill Gates are funding some of the leading scientists to lobby governments and international bodies to back experiments into manipulating the climate on a global scale to help prevent climate change.

Any Large Scale Geoengineering Requires Massive Balancing Act

Any attempt to geoengineer our way out of the climate warming mess we’ve found ourselves in is going to take a massive balancing act of sea level rise and surface air temperatures before we see any progress. “Basic physics and past observations suggest that reducing the net influx of solar energy will cool the Earth,”

Iron 'Seeding' of Ocean May Promote Toxic Plankton

In the constant interplay between Humans and Nature, everything is a trade-off. As our scientists begin to consider an intervention approach to climate change and conducting large-scale experiments, this trade-off is coming into sharper resolution. Case in point: iron ocean fertilization (or “seeding”), a geoengineering strategy making the news in recent years. Iron fertilization also

Will Geoengineering Change Weather Patterns?

Sun dimming, also known extravagantly as “solar radiation management projects,” are the attempt to reduce the amount of sunlight making its way to the Earth’s surface by placing something in its path. Many believe that geoengineering projects such as these would go a long way to counteracting the effects of climate change. Solar dimming does

Full Global Warming Solution: How to Stabilize World Climate

Yes, first of all, by stabilize we don’t mean keep it exactly the same — that is impossible. We mean not pumping it so full of CO2 that we see unprecedented warming and ‘natural’ disasters and perhaps even an unlivable climate at some point. Anyway, this post is a share of an in-depth post by

Physicists Trap Antimatter for First Time

Every known particle or atom of “normal” matter in the measurable universe has its own corresponding antiparticle which is in every way like the normal particle except for its charge (opposite of the normal particle) and parity (its left or right orientation). Mathematically, such antimatter particles can be described as moving backward in time.* When

Victorian Government Investigating Cloud Seeding

The Australian state of Victoria is looking into following its neighbours into implementing cloud seeding to help refill its dams, which currently average around fifty-percent full. Cloud seeding is a geoengineering project which injects particles into super-cold water laden clouds, thereby increasing the rain- and snow-falls. Dr Steven Siems, a scientist with Monash University, is

Global Weirding News of the Week

Yeah, I’ve decided to start using the term “global weirding” more. While global warming and climate change have much more value in terms of SEO, global weirding nails the topic so well that it is hard not to use it. Plus, it turns out the Founder/Publisher of Important Media (Planetsave’s parent company), David Anderson, has

Geoengineering is Either Too Much or Not Enough

A new study by climate scientists at the University of Bristol shows that there simply may not be the right amount of geoengineering to satisfy and help everyone, and that any geoengineering that takes place will affect different areas differently. Geoengineering has long been heralded by some as the saviour for our warming planet, but

Green Business Blog Carnival #14

The Green Business Blog Carnival comes to Planetsave! Following up on Green Business Blog Carnival post #13, an excellent summary of green business news on Sustainablog (one of the Carnival’s co-founding sites), here’s the next edition of the Carnival for your surfing, reading, or eating pleasure (ok, nothing to eat here, sorry). The big business

'Devastating Climate Shock' Needed to Spur Climate Change Policy

In his alarm-ringing NY Times op-ed on Climate Change, professor Homer-Dixon* draws a comparison with the 2008 financial “meltdown” which finally led to new financial regulations, even though warnings of a housing bubble (and an emerging recession) were being made prior to the crisis. He advocates societies designing a contingency plan (‘Plan Z’ ) to deal with the immediate after-effects of one or more climate change disasters.

Geoengineering Plus White Fluffy Clouds Equals More Rain

Geoengineering the clouds to reflect more light might not be so bad for the land underneath. Concerns have been raised in the past regarding the effects of seeding clouds to make them more reflective and thereby reduce the radiation absorbed by the Earth. Researchers have believed that by doing so the global rainfall patterns could

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