300 MW Tahoka Wind Power Project Closes Financing

A 300 MW wind power project in Lynn County, Texas has closed its financing. The project is managed by Lincoln Clean Energy, which is owned by I Squared Capital. Morgan Stanley will provide construction and term financing and long-term tax equity will come from BHE Renewables, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company. “The successful

Fukusnafu: March 2011, And Why Nobody Trusts TEPCO

Here’s what the Fukushima I power nuclear plant complex looked like prior to the natural disasters and explosions. (Source: Before March 2011, if you heard the words “Fukushima Daiichi,” you might wonder if someone had concocted a new sushi roll. Now most of us know about the nuclear accident cascade following Japan’s massive Tōhoku

#ThrottleUp — Large-Scale Interactive Hologram Experience in Brooklyn

  Creative Week is going on in New York this week and, as part of that, GE is putting on the “Throttle Up” experience. Throttle Up is a large-scale interactive hologram experience focused on the beauty and power of GE’s super-efficient GEnx jet engines. The holographic experience uses state-of-the-art technology and 3D renderings by an Oscar-winning FX

Empowering People: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century

  I was taking one last look around GE’s cool annual reports data visualization on Monday and a really interesting and inspiring thing popped out at me — more and more “power” is being put in the hands of individuals (or households) when it comes to energy. Aside from renewable energy (such as decentralized solar) popping

Renewable Energy Grows from Dream to Economic Giant

  In a post earlier this week, I took a look at how renewable energy burst onto the scene in the early 2000s. The post was centered around information from GE’s annual reports, as presented in GE’s new data visualization. But a lot has happened since the early 2000s. In fact, when it comes to the energy market,

How Renewable Energy Burst onto the Scene in the 2000s

  Using renewable energy to power our homes and cars has been a dream for decades. Actually, as you can see in the quote above, Thomas Edison was dreaming about renewable energy back in 1931. Despite all this enthusiasm for clean and renewable energy, however, it has taken awhile for renewable energy options like wind, solar, and

The Biggest Company You Didn't Know Was a Green Energy Leader

  OK, if you follow cleantech a lot (e.g. if you are a CleanTechnica subscriber), you might very well know that the company below is a cleantech and green energy leader. If you aren’t a cleantech nerd, however, but know enough about energy options to know that solar and wind energy are highly needed today

Green News of the Day (VIDEO)

Some top green news from around from the past day or so: Global Warming   Heartland associate taught ‘biased’ climate course at Ottawa university  An associate of the Heartland Institute, the thinktank devoted to discrediting climate change, taught a course at a top Canadian university that contained more than 140 false, biased and misleading claims about

Campaign Pushing Walmart to Reject Monsanto's New GM Sweet Corn

News: Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered (GE) sweet corn has been approved for production and sale in the U.S. Not only that, it won’t be labeled. Food & Water Watch has a last-ditch campaign to stop the corn from invading our markets and dinner plates. It’s a campaign to get Walmart to reject

Genetically Modified Foods Causing Animal Miscarriages, but Who Cares?

Genetically modified (GM) food researchers still have a long way to go to show that GM foods are actually safe. In fact, the most recent news is that they cause miscarriages in animals. That’s what a scientist researching Monsanto’s Roundup Ready genetically modified crops has found. The miscarriages are linked to an organism that was

Saying Thank You to Climate Leaders Worth Over $1 Trillion

11:149. This is basically the ratio of pro- and anti-climate legislation lobbying expenditures in 2009. The oil and gas industry put in $175 million. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put in $123.3 million. And pro-environmental groups put in $22.4 million. ExxonMobil, alone, spent more money on lobbying than all pro-environmental groups spent in total, $27.4

Ecomagination Photo Project

I recently got tipped off to a great website and project, the GE ecomagination photo project. The simple deal with this project is, as a friend wrote to me, “for every photo uploaded to flickr, a donation will be made to communities in need of clean water, solar light, and wind turbine powered electricity.” Sounds

Greenpeace Activists Quarantine Illegal GE Crops

Greenpeace recently found genetically engineered maize from Monsanto, MON810, illegally growing in Italy. Now, activists from Italy, Austria, Germany and Hungary are quarantining this GE maize. “Greenpeace has taken action today to prevent any further contamination from these hazardous and illegal GE crops,” said Federica Ferrario, Greenpeace Italy Agriculture campaigner. “For days these crops will

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