Galileo vs. Santorum on Climate Change

  I am hereby comparing Rick Santorum and US Senator James Inhofe to lizards.                         I hope this reference to reptiles is not offensive to them, their families, nor their supporters. It’s not personal. It should be taken in good-fun. Feel free to compare

Rick Perry Mistaken, Galileo Was a Liberal

Love this piece by Chris Mooney of Desmog Blog on Rick Perry’s ridiculous assumption that climate science deniers are like Galileo (I’ve written similar replies in the comments of our posts several times over the years), so reposting it in full here:

Is Climate Change the GOP Galileo Moment?

We’ve been featuring Mark Hertsgaard’s new book (which we’ll soon be giving away), HOT: Living Through the Next 50 Years on Earth, and activism on here lately (including his video interviews with infamous Senator Inhofe and oil lobbyists). Now, he’s got a new piece out in Politico that is clearly worth and so I thought

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