Refitted Tunnel Shelter Farms Zero Carbon Veggies

Premium hydroponic-grown, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs growing in the U.S. Gotham Greens facility (from eponline.com). Two entrepreneurs have recently made London the home of a very creative architectural reuse for food production—underground. Steven Dring, a former executive with Bunzl, an international provider of food-related products and services, and his friend and business partner Richard Ballard,

SnagFilms Offers Earth Day Collection

  To honor this year’s Earth Day, SnagFilms has brought to you a collection of excellent films that speak towards our need to protect our planet. Check them out right here or at SnagFilms.com, share them with others, and spread their important message on Earth Day 2012! (Films embedded below the list.) 1. I Love

Global Warming and Environmental Politics News of the Week

Here’s some of the biggest global warming and environmental politics news and commentary from the last week or so, along with some fun cartoons. Rocket Fuel in Our Water? The inspiration for the cartoon above, among other things: information that there is rocket fuel (or a component of it) in water supplies across the U.S.

Help Save the Great Bear Rainforest & Spirit Bears

I’ve written about the magical spirit bears on Planetsave before. They are, unfortunately, threatened with extinction from overly rapacious oil companies. A petition over on Change.org directed at key government leaders is aimed at protecting the Great Bear Rainforest and spirit bears. Here’s the intro: Enbridge, Inc. has plans to build an oil pipeline through

Garden Waste Disposal | Recycle Green Waste as Eco Fuel

If this is the time of year you start thinking about firing up the firepit or chiminea, or if you’ve invested in a wood-burning stove for your home, you’ll no doubt be thinking about what sort of fuel you can burn. Choosing the right supplier of eco-friendly fuel can be tricky, but if you’re a

Wind Turbines Pushed Offshore

A new collaboration between Risø DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and international partners will be exploring new methods in which to create energy from wind turbines set offshore. The four year project, entitled DeepWind, has a €3 million grant from the European FP7 program for future emerging technologies and was launched on the first of

Will Wind and Solar Power the Planet

Continuous research and development could soon see wind and solar dominate energy production, according to Nobel laureate Walter Kohn, Ph.D. Speaking at a symposium at the American Chemical Society’s 240’th National Meeting, Kohn said that he believed that with continuous research and development of alternative energies we could see an era in human history where

Americans Using More Renewables and Less Energy

Americans used more renewable energy in 2009 while still using less energy. According to data released by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory the United States used much less coal and petroleum in 2009 than it did in 2008 while still using significantly more wind power. “Energy use tends to follow the level of economic activity,

Turn Off Your Air Conditioning and Save Fuel

Turning your car’s air conditioning off when it starts becoming a little fresh outside could save a lot of fuel. [social_buttons]A new study undertaken by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA) on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) has determined that turning the air conditioning off in

Cars and People Compete for Grain

Following up on a post in April by Josh, “Productive Farmland Should Grow Food not Fuel,” and a post this week by Beth, “Is Biofuel Always a Green Option? EU Regulations Indicate Not,” in this guest post below, Lester R. Brown of the Earth Policy Institute discusses how cars and people compete for our cropland

Cap and Trade Climate Bill Is "A Pig in a Poke"

According to Missouri Senator Kit Bond (R) the cap and trade Waxman-Markey Bill “is really a pig in a poke.” That’s what he told the committee on Tuesday, anyway. Given the opportunity to speak in front of a committee on the financial impacts that the climate bill would have on farmers, Senator Bond wasted no time calling the bill a hoax.

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