food shortage

Global Food Reserves Lowest in 40 Years

  For over half of the last decade, the world has consumed more food than it has  produced. What happens when the world consumes more food than it produces? Well, it must start tapping into the global food reserves ,and it seems that in the past decade those reserves have been hit pretty hard. As a result, global food reserves have

How Biodiversity Loss is Like LeBron James & The Miami Heat

I saw this posted on Climate Central a few days ago and passed on reposting it. But, with Miami’s big win in Boston and the 7th game in the series happening tonight (go, Miami!), I finally thought I’d repost this one. It’s a great analogy and drives home a very important point. Check it out

Rising & Record Food Prices, Food Riots Due to Extreme Weather Events

I included the video above in last week’s global weirding news roundup, in addition to Joe Romm’s recent article on how extreme weather events are contributing to rising, record food prices. But both are worth another quick look on their own. In 2009, Lester Brown and Scientific American asked “Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?” This summer’s

The Lindberg Report Podcast: The New Global Crisis? Food!

BMO Financial Group strategist Donald Coxe warns that the current credit crunch and soaring oil prices will pale in comparison to a looming shortage of food. Again, I’ve included a podcast, just in case you’d rather listen: food-prices.mp3 Investors are being warned, a global food catastrophe is emerging, a dire prediction he dropped on the

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