Extremely Rare Primate, Believed Nearly Extinct, Discovered in Remote Borneo Forest (PHOTOS)

An extremely rare and little-known species of monkey — Miller’s Grizzled Langur (Presbytis hosei canicrus) — previously believed to be extinct*, or nearly extinct, has been discovered in the remote Wehea Forest in East Kalimantan, Borneo. An international team of zoologists and anthropologists has confirmed the Grizzled Langur’s existence through a combination of direct observations

Fires Turn Alaskan Forests Into Carbon Producers

Forests are supposed to reduce carbon dioxide levels, but new research shows that the increase in fires and their tendency to burn larger areas of forest are converting forests into generators of carbon. “Since the proliferation of black spruce, Alaskan soils have acted as huge carbon sinks,” says Evan Kane, a research assistant professor in

Global Weirding News of the Week

Other than what we’ve already covered, of course, here’s our weekly global weirding news link drop. A little more than normal given our extensive coverage of the mass bird and fish deaths that are occurring right now (and, thus, our inability to get to other important news). Coal prices soar as warmest sea surface temperatures

Russia Experiences Worst Fires in 14 Years

New data shows that Russia has recently experienced the largest number of wildfires (bushfires) around its capital this year than in the last 15 years. This according to data collected by sensors aboard the European Space Agency’s observations satellites ERS-2 and Envisat. The forest and peat bog fires which sprang up were the result of

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