The Film Everyone Needs to See: Plastic Paradise

The wide adoption of plastics for making everything from single-use shopping bags to toys to gadgets and electronics has been a boon for the consumer, but an environmental disaster for the planet. Being able to cheaply reproduce almost any shape in mass quantities has made it possible to make and distribute vast quantities of plastic

YERT: Big Winner at Yale's Environmental Film Festival

I covered this excellent-looking film in the past here on Planetsave, and included 3 trailers of the movie. (See: Your Environmental Road Trip — Must-See Movie [VIDEO TRAILERS].)

Apparently, YERT recently shared the Audience Award with Oscar-nominated Waste Land at the Environmental Film Festival at Yale.

An In-Depth Look at EMFs

I love the work of Kristen Farquhar and feature her Environmental Music Films here on Planetsave whenever a new on comes out. Recently, she got invited to have her films screened at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. So, in honor of that, beyond just featuring one of her films, here is much more

Oscar Nomination for Anti-Fracking Film “Gasland” [VIDEO]

“Gasland,” which won a special jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival, has also been nominated for an Oscar now, for Best Documentary. The filmmakers delve into the increasingly infamous and environmentally damaging process of hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking). The chemicals used in fracking (they are pumped into the ground with water to get the

"Within Reach" Documentary Needs a Little Help

A friend of mine recently informed me about a good-looking potential documentary that you can help get finished by pre-ordering DVDs on Kickstarter now. What is the film? Good question. The title is “Within Reach” and it is about “one couple’s bike-packing journey on a path towards sustainable community.” To find out more, visit the

Survival International Wins Hollywood Film Award

I’ve written about Survival International’s activist efforts a couple times this year (see: Na’vi of Avatar in India Protesting British Mining of Sacred Indian Mountain and Amazon Being Sold to Foreign Oil Companies in Peru, Peruvian Indians Demanding Answers). This great organization is now going to receive an award from Hollywood for its activist efforts

Documentary on Global Weirding Seen by Inuits

Think there are not yet observable effects of global weirding? Think again, and ask some Inuit elders. Of course, we write on the clear science showing global weirding is happening every day. And we write on the effects that are already being seen. But to learn what the Inuits are seeing, from a much more

3D Mass Extinction Movie, by Director of "The Cove"

I think everyone’s pretty familiar with The Cove by now (& if you’re not, you should be, so check out the link).  Now, the director of this Oscar-winning documentary, Louie Psihoyos, has a new, bigger movie in mind. His new film, The Singing Planet: The whole world is singing, we just haven’t been listening, will

Help Create a Documentary on Haiti and Its Long-Term Food Crisis Important activist opportunity to help make a film about Haiti that goes deep into the country’s history, culture, and food insecurity issues. Haiti was on people’s map after the horrible earthquake it suffered recently, and then… quickly off it. Perhaps a much bigger issue for Haiti than this recent earthquake, however, is a food

The Cove: Sundance Film Exposes Japanese Dolphin Slaughter in Grisly Footage

23,000 Dolphins are slaughtered each year in a hidden cove in Taiji, Japan. The Japanese government covers it up. No one could get in. Until now. [youtube=] [UPDATE: Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji’s ‘Cove’ Suspended]! The Cove exposes an atrocity of unimaginable brutality. The dolphin slaughter depicted here is committed yearly and without knowledge of the

Updated: MTV Taps Online Video To Kill Greenwashing

What happens when corporations stop greenwashing…and start being real? MTV wants to find out. The NYC-based network just launched a global marketing push to tackle climate change with TV ads attacking those guilty of greenwashing. All of this is part of their youth-targeted climate change initiative called MTV Switch. The launch includes not only TV

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