Fair Trade

Socially Responsible Chocolate Truffles?

Originally published on InspiredEconomist.com On a mission to transform the globe “through ethical relationships with small-scale farmers, and an integral sustainability orientation at every point on the supply chain,” Alter Eco Foods has bitten off a big bite to chew on. But it sure looks delicious. Especially those chocolate truffles. Organic, fair trade truffles! In

4 Top Green Living Stories

  Some top green living stories from the past couples weeks: Support This Pedal-Powered Food Cart on Kickstarter! A Cincinnati-based urban farm program has developed a cart for transporting fresh veggies to market. In the wake of the urban farm movement, Permaganic Eco Garden is seeking funding to support the development and production of a pedal powered tricycle. In

This Valentine's Day, Green is the New Red

(Crossposted from our sister site, Red Green and Blue) Show her your love is sustainable… because on Valentine’s Day you care enough to say “I love you” in a way that also says you love our planet (and you want to make it a better place for our children). This is the biggest shopping day

Green Holiday Gifts: CarbonFree Certified Coffee Gift Boxes

If you’re looking for an easy gift idea that supports your ideals and is delicious while doing it, we recommend sending gift boxes from Grounds for Change to the coffee lovers on your list this year! Every single bean that they roast is Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified, CarbonFree Certified and Shade Grown, which means

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