Rapid Environmental Changes May Have Driven Human Evolution

  New research from Penn State and Rutgers University has reshaped the idea of what drove human evolution 2 million years ago, pointing the finger at a series of rapid environmental changes in East Africa rather than one single environmental change. “The landscape early humans were inhabiting transitioned rapidly back and forth between a closed

Which Are the Greenest Companies in the U.S.? – The 2011 'Green Rankings'

Despite the disheartening defeats for environmental causes in the past year or so (with one recent exception: the upholding of the forest ‘roadless rule’), it is more than encouraging to learn that sound environmental management amongst many of our leading businesses has become a competitive arena…Yes, it’s true, really. Various business quality rankings such as

AIDS News Coverage Losing Out to Climate Change, Study Finds

Remember AIDS awareness ads like the one above? Newspaper articles and PSAs were appearing with increasing frequency in newspapers and magazines in the early 1990’s. But that trend has been dramatically reversed, according to recent findings. In a survey of newspaper (broadsheet) content conducted by the Trends in Sustainability (TIS) Project, coverage of AIDS-related issues

High Carcinogenic Chromium Levels Found in Many Cities' Tap Water

(Yet another environmental toxin in unacceptably high concentrations….) An analysis of 35 U.S. cities’ tap water has found that 31 one of these water sources contain exceedingly high levels of hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen.The study is the first of its kind ever to be released to the public and comes, fortuitously, as the EPA

7 Notable Eco News Items You Might Have Missed

As a science writer and reporter, I tend to read a lot of sci-news of great interest, but much of which never makes it into one of my articles. In addition to this small fraction that I am able to actually read, there is simply so much news being released on a constant basis that

Top 13 Human-Caused Environmental Horrors

[UPDATED: Sept. 27, 2013; see addendum at bottom] In the spirit of both Halloween and Environmental Awareness, I hereby offer thirteen environmental horror stories of anthropogenic origin. I have chosen to narrow my sample field to the post World War II time period. I have also excluded nuclear weapons tests and chemical weapons usage (such

NASA Shrink Offers Insight on Plight of Trapped Miners

NASA adviser and UCSF psychiatrist Nick Kanas, writing in an op-ed in Monday’s NY Times, lists the crucial factors needed to maintain good mental health in isolated, confined spaces for prolonged periods of time, based upon space and extreme habitation psychological studies…factors which will become more crucial to the Chilean miners as time passes.

Hong Kong Ecological Footprint is Twice as Large as China's

[social_buttons] A startling new WWF study has revealed that people living in Hong Kong currently use twice as many resources as residents in China, more than double the sustainable level. To feed the vibrant city’s massive demand for natural resources, and absorb the CO2 emitted, residents need an area of land and sea larger than

Ozone Hole Larger in 2008 than in 2007, not in 2006

Living in Australia brings with it a wonderful set of environmental circumstances to live with. Not only do we have two weather patterns – El Nino/La Nina and the Indian Ocean Dipole – that are combining to lengthen our drought, but we’re one of the countries that suffer from the ever fluctuating ozone hole in

GRACE Acquires Accurate Picture of Greenland Ice Loss

Over the past few years we have sadly had to watch the Arctic ice concentrations drop significantly. Focus has been primarily centered on the Arctic Circle, but Greenland is also suffering from the increased global temperature. And now, thanks to researchers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and the Center for Space

Rubber Ducks Help Track Melting Glaciers… Rubber Duck Duck

>> Welcome Readers! Did you know that Green Options has 15 sites? If you like this post, please subscribe for our main RSS feed or the Green Options Newsletter! Ever since I first saw Ernie and almost the entire felt-cast of Sesame Street do “The Rubber Duck, Duck” dance on Sesame Street, I have had

Shit Happens…

Editor’s note: OK, we’re usually not so potty-mouthed, but, as you’ll see, it’s perfectly (and literally) appropriate this time around. We’re pleased to have Simran Sethi and Sarah Smarsh join us as guest contributors, and share with you their series on the surprising journeys of everyday things.  They will be posting previews on Green Options

The Lindberg Report: Timothy Hurst of Red, Green, and Blue

My guest today is Timothy Hurst, lead writer for Red, Green, and Blue, Green Options political blog. In his blog, Tim focuses on applied energy politics, and the global green movement. While continuing his education in graduate school, he’s actively involved in environmental advocacy in his adopted home town in Colorado. Here’s our interview: tim-hurst-2.mp3

The Lindberg Report Podcast: An Interview with Gavin Hudson

Gavin is lead writer for EcoWorldly, one of the excellent blog sites here in the Green Options Network. Gavin has majors in French, Italian, and Comparative Literature from the University of California, Davis. He currently teaches English language in Gangneung, South Korea. Gavin’s favorite environmentally-minded work has included: co-founding the grassroots Nature Conservation Club at

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