Hogwarts School (aka Gloucester Cathedral in UK) Goes Solar

Originally published on EdenKeeper.org Formally blessed and sanctified, 150 solar panels forming a 38 kW array have been pressed into religious service at the iconic Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucestershire, England. Dubbed the oldest cathedral in the world to install solar panels, the new photovoltaic system will help reduce the ancient cathedral’s energy costs by 25%.

Good Energy & Solar Schools Award Kids’ Creativity

Originally published on SolarLove.org An innovative partnership has been sparking children’s creativity across the UK, encouraging them to “get creative” about renewable energy, solar power, and climate change. Good Energy, 10:10, and Solar Schools held an exciting competition for the kids and provided £9,000 ($13968.32) in cash for prizes, to go towards the award-winning schools’

The Worst Carbon Polluters Ever: Map And Timeline From SLATE

Thankfully, this headline does not single out the United States as the worst carbon polluter, although we have certainly done more than our part to choke the world in a gaseous greenhouse. No, the honor belongs to humans in general. If you’re wondering which countries have emitted the most carbon over the past couple of

Car2go Comes To London!

  Time to set-off from the banal pattern of cab sharing and travelling, particularly in London! Daimler and Europcar, with their Car2go service, have risen above the crowd, launching their avant-garde concept of carsharing in London (also known as a car club here). The carsharing service gives the freedom of hiring and driving off with a

Mount St. Helens Rebirth {Photo of the Day}

This utterly spectacular image was acquired by Landsat 7 and provided courtesy of NASA, showing Mount St. Helens. The image was actually taken on August 22, 1999, nearly 20 years after Mount St. Helens exploded, killing few but causing billions of property damage.

Climate Camp Gathering in UK This Weekend

This is a little bit of a last-minute announcement, but if you don’t know what to do this weekend and are in the UK, or if you are just a super-enthusiastic climate change activist, there is a big climate camp gathering in the UK this weekend, November 6th and 7th. It will be in the

Otters Make Comeback from Brink of Extinction in UK

With one of our dedicated readers, Becky Striepe, being a big fan of otters, how could I pass this story up? Plus, it is a great story. The UK’s Environment Agency recently announced that otters have “made a remarkable comeback from the brink of extinction,” the League Against Cruel Sports reports. While everyone must be

Green News Stories

Tons of big green news stories in one short article. There are tons of big green news stories out there every day. Although we can’t (and probably shouldn’t) cover all of them here on Planetsave, it drives me crazy not to cover everything I think is big news. Hopefully, a new idea I’ve had to

UK Police Arrest 114 Activists For Planning Coal Plant Protest

In a demonstration of increased surveillance on protest groups in Britain, police arrested 114 people for alleged conspiracy to commit criminal damage and aggravated trespass at a coal-fired power plant. [social_buttons] Huh? What kind of protest involves 114 people “conspiring” to enter and vandalize a power plant? Sounds like a few dozen were involved in

G20 Meeting in London to Face Huge Protests, Climate Camp

The G20 will meet next week in London, and while police are bracing for clamoring anti-globalization and climate change protests, organizers say all the planned events will be peaceful. [social_buttons] While the failures of the banking system will take the forefront (get used to hearing the phrase “Bankers are wankers”), organizers have also planned protests

Activist Takes Cue from Nickelodeon, Slimes British Minister

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/v/PPGODtGKqAA&hl=en&fs=1] A protester from the anti-aviation group Plane Stupid managed to toss a cup of green slime in the face of Lord Mandelson before scolding him for his support for the third runway at Heathrow airport. [social_buttons] Amazingly, the woman walked away without being arrested and has now come forward to identify herself as 29-year-old

Greenpeace Investigation Exposes Illegal E-Waste Disposal

Greenpeace planted a tracking device in an old TV, dropped it off at a recycling center, and tracked where it went. The results were disturbing, but sadly predicable. [social_buttons] The television ended up being shipped from the UK to Nigeria before being dismantled, a complete violation of European Union laws which require that potentially hazardous

Groups Try to Stop Asbestos Ship of Death from Docking in UK

Environmentalists are organizing a protest against the arrival of a ship in Hartlepool, England from France next week because the ship is loaded with 700 tons of toxic asbestos. [social_buttons] A Hartlepool company has been contracted to dismantle the ship, but environmental groups worry that they do not have the proper equipment or expertise to

How You Can Buy Part of Greenpeace's Heathrow Plot

We covered the exciting news earlier that Greenpeace has purchased a $30,000 plot of land in the middle of the area that had been earmarked to become a third runway for England’s Heathrow Airport. Since Greenpeace announced the plan yesterday, publish support has been astounding. [social_buttons] Over 5,000 people have already bought parcels of Greenpeace’s

Greenpeace Buys Land Planned for UK Airport Expansion

Greenpeace has purchased a field previously earmarked to use to build a controversial third runway at UK’s Heathrow Airport. [social_buttons] Greenpeace intends to invite protesters to set-up camp in the soccer-field-sized space. They also intend to sell small parcels of the land to separate owners in order to force BAA, the airport’s owners, to negotiate

Conservationists Hopeful Extinct Butterfly Back in Britain

British conservationists are ecstatic over what they hope is the return of the Large Tortoiseshell butterfly, thought to be extinct in Britain. The butterfly, once common, dwindled in numbers in the early twentieth century to the point where it disappeared entirely. Some experts fear that sightings of the Large Tortoiseshell may in fact be of

‘Plane Stupid’ Climate Activists Block Runway at UK Airport

Fifty protesters with anti-aviation climate change activist group Plane Stupid have chained themselves together near the runway at Stansted airport. The group aims to draw attention to the CO2 emissions attributed to air travel, claiming each flight from the airport emits an average of 41.58 tons of CO2. [social_buttons] Flights have been delayed while police

UK Beekeepers Protest Over Massive Death of Bees

Britain’s government has been warned that the country will enter into an “agricultural disaster” unless more money is put towards discovering what is killing the country’s bees. Protesters from the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), dressed in traditional, white beekeeper suits, delivered a petition signed by more than 140,000 people to Downing Street today, calling for

Scotland Permits Donald Trump to Build Resort on Protected Land

  Despite pleas from environmentalists and wildlife groups, the Scottish government has approved Donald Trump’s plans for a $1.5 billion golf resort along the Aberdeenshire coastline, an area previously designated as a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest.’ The government defends the decision by pointing to the hundreds of jobs the 2,000-acre facility will create amid

Greenpeace Activists Invade and Occupy UK Power Plant

The crown jewel of Greenpeace’s naval arm, the Rainbow Warrior, pulled in to the harbor alongside the Kingsnorth coal-fired power plant today before six activists stormed the facility to prepare to project video of impacts of global warming onto the plant’s giant smokestack.[social_buttons] The action comes mere months after a jury acquitted Greenpeace protesters who

'Eco-Terrorism' Legitimized by British Court

In a monumental ruling, a British jury acquitted six Greenpeace activists of criminal damage charges stemming from what the activists said was an attempt to shut down a coal-fired power plant. The jury decided that the activists’ action was justifiable because the plant, which emits 20,000 tons of CO2 every day, will hold some blame

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