Energy Conservation

Tallest German Residential High-Rise Will Also Be Solar Aktivhaus

Award-winning proposed Aktivhaus apartment tower at Skyline Plaza complex in Frankfurt ( The European residential high-rise boom has a green twist these days. Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie unanimously won a top design award this spring for a remarkable apartment tower at the Skyline Plaza complex in Frankfurt. Kaminiarz will produce not only the tallest residential

5 Organizations Teaching Students about Conservation

  Curriculum in U.S. schools is often a contentious topic, with various interest groups battling over what material is “right” or “useful” for the nation’s children, and concepts like conservation often get lost in the shuffle. Conservation knowledge is good to have and wise to impart no matter what the political climate or attitude toward

Avoid Heat Loss & Save Money! (Infographic)

A friend of ours and occasional contributor here on Planetsave shared this infographic below with us this week. It’s on home heat loss,.. as you can see. Check it out and save some money by plugging those leaks and containing that heat (CLICK TO ENLARGE)! Infographic via air & water

Energy Conservation & Insulating Homes: 4 Simple Tips

We all know that properly insulating your home can go a long way towards saving energy and cutting your household bills, but many solutions — loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double glazing — can break the bank to implement. That shouldn’t be an excuse to keep on wasting energy though.

How Bad Ideas Keep Rebounding Into Public Discourse: The Rebound Effect and Its Refutation

I covered the rebound effect here on Planetsave a couple times a couple months ago. The common argument of rebound effect enthusiasts is that energy efficiency actually increases energy use. Sound hard to believe? Yeah, that’s because it’s not true. Anyway, NRDC’s David Goldstein, Sierra Martinez, and Robin Roy delved into this topic in more depth recently and I’m reposting a great article by David Goldstein on their new report below.

More Energy Conservation Stimulus Needed in China

Originally published on WWF. Beijing – Economic development plans in China need to further promote a low carbon economy, says a new WWF report assessing the climate and energy impacts of China’s stimulus package. In November 2008, the State Council (China’s highest decision-making body) decided to invest four trillion RMB – approximately 586 billion US

Daylight Savings = Energy Savings?

Spring your clock ahead one hour this Sunday! Benjamin Franklin once noted that by waking up earlier to make use of the morning sunlight, Parisians saved on candles. We see from this comment that the argument for Daylight Savings as it relates to energy consumption–most notably energy from lighting the home–began long ago.

Learn How to Prevent Global Warming On Your Way To Work

By now you are aware that there are many ways to prevent global warming, but I would like to focus on things that you can do to help stop global warming on your way to work. First, it is useful to know exactly how Americans are commuting to work to realize just how much improvement

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