Polar Vortex Freezes US, Record Heat Takes Out Bats in Australia

While most of the northern US was hit with a polar vortex and record cold earlier this month, Australia and New Zealand were hit with a polar opposite record heat wave (see what I did there?). How hot was it? Australian newspaper, the Star, started off its article with the words “Bats are dropping from

New Oil Platform Planned for Grey Whale Feeding Ground

The Sakhalin Energy Investment Company which is part owned by Shell has announced plans to build a third major oil platform in the centre of crucial feeding grounds for the North Pacific grey whale, in the Russian Far East. Considering that Sakhalin already have two major oil platforms in the vicinity and that the North

Hybridization Good and Bad for Arctic Mammals

The seasonal loss of ice in the Arctic which scientists believe will eventually lead to ice-free summers could have both beneficial and negative effects for the mammals that have over millennia adapted to life in the cold and harsh environment, according to a new research paper published in the December 15 issue of the journal

Pierce Brosnan Pleads US to Help End the Killing of Whales for Profit

“The Obama Administration is backing a deadly deal that would make it legal once again to kill whales for profit. Please call on the President to reverse course,” explains Pierce Brosnan. [social_buttons] Help OO7! To the rescue James Bond! Brosnan is saving the whales and needs our collective help. Assist Pierce and his campaign with

Rarest of the Rare Brought to Light

The Wildlife Conservation Society lists 10 animals that they have dubbed the Rarest of the Rare. [social_buttons]The Wildlife Conservation Society has released a list of “Rarest of the Rare” in the 2010-2011 edition of State of the Wild. The ten animals in the list have been extracted from the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s

European Birds Dying From Lack of Vitamins

[social_buttons] Swedish scientists have discovered that vast numbers of wild birds in the Baltic Sea area are dying of a strange paralytic disease caused by advanced thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency in eggs, young, and adults. In a new research paper the team, from Stockholm University, Sweden, report that levels of Thiamine, vital for the proper

African Roast Bat is Off the Menu, Population Soars

[social_buttons] A colony of giant African bats has made a dramatic return from the brink of exctinction, thanks to a conservation drive discouraging people from eating them as delicacies. As recently as 1989, the Pemba Flying Fox, one of Africa’s largest bat species, was critically endangered, with only a few individuals left on Pemba Island,

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