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Giant Leatherback Turtle — Black Sea Turtle Facts And Photos

The giant leatherback sea turtle, Dermochelys coriacea, is the biggest turtle species still in the world. They are a giant amongst most other modern reptiles, the only ones bigger are three of the remaining species of crocodilians. In addition to being very large, one thing that is immediately noticeable is that they don’t possess a

Green Living, Activism, and Clean Energy Stories of the Day

Some of the top green living, activism, and clean energy stories from the past day or so: Activism Greenpeace Gives Facebook “Unfriend Coal” Deadline Greenpeace has been pushing Facebook to “unfriend coal” and go the route of clean energy for awhile. Facebook, for the most part, hasn’t listened. Greenpeace is now telling Facebook it should

470+ Endangered Sea Turtles Killed by BP Oil Spill (so far)

470 endangered sea turtles and thousands of birds officially killed by BP oil spill so far. Many more covered in oil and on the brink of death. Well, BP has stopped burning endangered sea turtles alive and has apparently gotten the leak stopped, but official reports show that, as of yesterday, at least 470 endangered

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