Endangered Species Act

Protecting Endangered Species from Congress

Of course, we here at the Sierra Club love animals. To help share that love, we put together this amazing slideshow of endangered animals in photos by Joel Sartore. Some are cuddly-looking, some, even I admit, are slimy — all deserve protection.

Interior Dept. Announces Settlement Over Endangered Species Lawsuits

The US Dept. of the Interior announced a settlement over hundreds of pending lawsuits brought by various environmental and wildlife preservation groups under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). At the same time, the department’s Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) announced its intent to implement a new ‘work plan’ (as part of the settlement conditions) that will give greater priority to those species most in need of protection. If approved by a federal judge, the settlement and work plan will bring about the most comprehensive changes to the ESA since the 1990’s,

Endangered Species Act Under Attack in Congress, Innovative Twitter Campaign to the Rescue?

You can’t be surprised, given that our Congress people seem completely mad (and not just because of NCAA basketball), but, yes, they really are attacking the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and a number of iconic animals.

Luckily, Earthjustice, a leading non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the Earth and its resources, is working hard to rally U.S. citizens and stop the assault. And it’s come up with a really innovative, fun way of doing so.

Obama Administration Designates Critical Habitat for Polar Bear

Department of Interior sets “critical habitat” area for polar bear along Alaska’s north coast. The Fish and Wildlife Service, an agency of the Department of Interior, announced today that it plans to set aside more than 187,000 square miles — about 120 million acres — of onshore barrier islands, denning areas and offshore sea ice

Saving BioGems : False Killer Whales Still in Danger in Hawaii

Last season NRDC announced it’s mission to save the Hawaiian island’s Whales, and now that this decision is facing the president we’re asking the Obama Administration to protect Hawaii’s false killer whales under the Endangered Species Act because the loss of even a few whales could endanger the survival of the entire population. These whales

Nuclear Power Plant's Water Rights Threaten Endangered Species

[social_buttons] In southeast Utah rests a peaceful town located on the banks of a peaceful river. Here the Green River flows between two canyons, Gray and Labyrinth, allowing for farming and ranching in an arid desert. Driving through Green River, Utah doesn’t take but a few moments, including a stop to purchase some mouth-watering melons,

Bush Delivers Five Final Blows to the Environment

Though President Bush remains in office for only two more weeks, he has left a final trail of devastation to cement his legacy in place. From gutting the endangered species act to allowing toxic waste to flow freely, Bush is pushing 11th hour executive orders at a potentially record setting pace. His list of last

The Top 10 Species in the US Most in Need of Protection

A team of eight scientists and conservationists with the Endangered Species Coalition have determined the top 10 species in the United States that deserve protection under the Endangered Species Act. [social_buttons] The animals and plants that were considered for the list, titled “Without a Net,” were nominated by various organizations across the country. The coalition

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