Types of Green Energy Stickers

Sustainability and eco-friendly products are becoming a big seller in today’s economy thanks to the greater demand by a more informed and concerned customer base. But many who want to switch to a greener way of living don’t understand the use of certain information indicators, such as energy stickers and ecolabels. What Are Ecolabels and

The Environment is What You Eat: Misleading Ecolabels like Natural, Free Range and Cruelty Free


Entering a grocery store for a socially and environmentally minded person can be quite a stressful and trying experience. Should you buy that organic, free-range, cage-free, grass-fed, non-GMO, natural, fair-trade beef? How do you know if those chickens really are free to roam in bucolic pastures? How often are the organic farms audited? How do you know if the apple from New Zealand produced less fossil fuels compared to the local one? When the seemingly more ethical products cost up to twice as much as conventional ones, we end up staring at the shelves in a daze with recycle symbols and cheery looking Peruvian coffee growers circling our heads.

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