Earth Hour

HostelBookers is Switching off for WWF's Earth Hour 2012

  HostelBookers, a budget accommodation specialist I’ve used numerous times, has announced that it is supporting WWF’s Earth Hour, the world’s largest campaign for action to protect the planet, in a number of ways. On March 31, 2012 at 8.30pm, the global skyline will be plunged into darkness as hundreds of millions of people, landmarks,

Does Earth Hour Demonize Electricity?

Ross McKitrick abhors Earth Hour. Claiming the grassroots event “demonizes electricity” he accuses organizers of the Earth Hour of attempting to “shame” people into “going back to nature.” McKitrick’s argument is ludicrous.

Earth Hour Getting Large Corporate Support

[social_buttons] We know that it is actually a positive thing these days to care about the environment. It is not a fringe, weirdo concern. For this reason, we now even have the problem of corporate greenwashing — companies (or politicians, people, etc.) trying to convince people they are green when they are not. As we

3 Things You Can Do as We Count Down to Earth Hour 2009

[social_buttons] Did you read all about the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour coming up on March 29th and get excited about what you can do to make a difference? Here are three simple things you can start with to take action: 1. Sign up for Earth Hour 2009 You can take action by signing up

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