"Clean Gas" More Dangerous Than Coal, Industry Expert Tells TV

US “clean gas” wells in operation (Irekia-Eusko Jaurlaritza in blogs.lse.ac.uk) Turns out that just about everyone (including President Obama) has been hugely underestimating the methane pollution levels of so-called “clean gas.” The booming American economy now seems to come at a greater cost than we originally thought when we found out that natural gas produces

Alps Study: Climate Change May Worsen Landslides

March 22, 2014, killer landslide near Seattle (photo: Kings County Sheriff’s Office). Last Saturday’s horrific mudslide 55 miles northeast of Seattle may unfortunately herald the shape of landmass movements to come, if climate change has its way with us. A new study in the European Alps elaborates. In a draft article for Elsevier’s Science of

Protect Public from Gas Drilling Risks (Letter to Obama)

In addition to the letter to Obama to protect the Clean Air Act, a number of leading environmental organizations wrote to Obama before his 2011 State of the Union address to encourage him to do something about environmentally harmful oil and natural gas drilling. While the speech has already been given, I thought it was

Thorough Analysis Needed Before We Recklessly Drill in Arctic Ocean

The BP oil spill was an accident. There are many things that probably could have prevented it, though. For example, more careful governmental review. Yet, while we are still discovering negative consequences resulting from this tremendous environmental and economic disaster, there are people pushing to streamline oil and gas drilling in the Arctic. The Wilderness

Bush Delivers Five Final Blows to the Environment

Though President Bush remains in office for only two more weeks, he has left a final trail of devastation to cement his legacy in place. From gutting the endangered species act to allowing toxic waste to flow freely, Bush is pushing 11th hour executive orders at a potentially record setting pace. His list of last

Victory: Shell Cancels Plans to Drill in Arctic Waters

Score one for the environment – at least temporarily. Shell Oil announced that it will not be drilling off the Alaskan coast in the Beaufort Sea in 2009 as planned. This decision comes after a November court ruling which determined that Shell had erroneously been given permission to drill without properly assessing the environmental impact

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