DNA Startup Aims To Let Customers “Create Custom Animals”

A startup out of San Francisco, based around the ‘custom’ manipulation of DNA, is apparently aiming to take its current business to the predictable next-step of allowing customers to create ‘custom’ animals, plants, etc, according to recent reports. Said company — Austen Heinz’s Cambrian Genomics — currently creates custom DNA for “major” pharmaceutical companies, universities,

"Sugar With That, Or ASPARTAME [Modified E. Coli Poop]?"

Here’s a rather nauseating, if not scary, tidbit about an artificial sweetener beloved to humankind. And also to Monsanto. Aspartame. The second most used artificial sweetener in the world, next to saccharine. Every time you pour those little flecks of NutraSweet® or Equal® into your coffee cup, you’re getting ready to swallow the feces of

DNA Manipulated By Nano-Machines To Shape Words

  Researchers have recently developed a technique to build complex nano-structures out of short synthetic strands of DNA. Referred to as single-stranded tiles (SST), the short strands of DNA are interlocking building blocks similar to LEGOs®. They can be programmed to arrange themselves in very precisely designed shapes, such as numbers, letters, and shapes. The

Untangling the Human Genome – in 3D! [VIDEO]

The human genome  is comprised of some 3 billion nucleotide bases  (of which there are four, represented by the four letters A, T, C, G) which pair up and comprise our DNA, which in turn is spread out amongst 23 chromosomes located in every cell in our bodies (note: our sex cells have only half

Breakthrough: Transgenic Chicken Blocks H5NI Flu Spread

A transgenic chicken has been developed that blocks transmission of the avian flu to other chickens. The new technique — some aspects of which are not clear even to the geneticists developing it — holds out great promise for preventing human illness as well as unnecessary animal deaths. But nothing is quite that simple when

Running Out of P ? – World Nearing Peak Phosphorus

It seems we always take the most basic things for granted. With regards to adequate water, air, and soil (things we assume will always be there) we are gradually becoming more mindful of them, and their limits. But how many of us are worried about phosphorus (P) running out? Well, lately, more and more agricultural

Scientists to Attempt Resurrection of Extinct Indian Cheetah

Eight years after starting their efforts, scientists in India still believe they will be able to resurrect the long-extinct Indian Cheetah if they can acquire the cell line of the closely related Asiatic Cheetah, which lives in Iran. “If a cell line made from the Cheetah was available, it would have been possible to resurrect

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