Department of the Interior

Funding More Fire Suppression Won't Do The Trick

A firefighter pauses at the $2013 Rim Fire in Yosemite National Park, August-September 2013 (Calfire photo on facebook). President Obama released the federal budget for 2015 last week. Overall, it involves the lowest deficit ($514 billion) of his five-year tenure in office and restores some funding cut in last year’s sequester. Parts of the new

Fracking Update: Fed Loosens Chemical Disclosure Rules, A New Study Predicts Fracking Fluids Can Spread to Aquifers In a 'Few Years'

In the never ending battle between regulators and the fracking industry’s biggest players, yesterday proved to be another victory for industry profits over public safety interests, as the Obama admin backed off on its proposed new fracking chemical reporting rules for drilling operations on public lands. Under present law, oil companies engaged in hydraulic fracturing

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