Ørsted Cancels Divestment Of Power Distribution & Residential Customer Businesses

Ørsted Cancels Divestment Of Power Distribution & Residential Customer Businesses Under Government Pressure A day after Danish energy company Ørsted announced that the Danish Ministry of Finance had raised concerns with the company’s plans to divest its Danish power distribution and residential customer businesses, the company has announced that it has discontinued the structured divestment

EU Emissions Rose 1.8% In 2017

Carbon dioxide emissions stemming from fossil fuel use in the European Union rose by around 1.8% in 2017 as compared to 2016, according to the most recent estimates from Eurostat. Despite fossil fuel derived carbon dioxide emissions as a whole rising in the European Union during 2017, the split across countries was by no means

Denmark Smashes All Previous Wind Energy Records In 2017

Numbers have just come out this week from, the Danish energy organization whose members support companies in delivering steady green power to the Danes, with an impressive uptime of 99.99% at competitive prices. A New Record Wind turbines delivered power equivalent to 43.6 percent of Denmark’s electricity consumption in 2017. This is a new milestone

Germany & Denmark Launch Cross-Border Solar Electricity Auction

Germany’s Federal Network Agency has announced a cross-border auction for ground-mounted photovoltaic installations in cooperation with Denmark. As reported by Energy Business Review, this auction will mark the first time Denmark jointly participates in a German auction. Rainer Baake, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, said: “With this first cross-border auction

Secondary Environmental Benefits of LED Lights Being Investigated

As the cost of production of LED lights continue to decrease, so does the sale price and the reasons for individuals and companies to avoid using them. It is becoming more and more financially viable to invest in LED technology both in the short term and in the long term. Ergo, increasing numbers are enjoying the environmental benefits

100% Renewable Energy Future — How To Get There + Useful Studies

At the United Nations’ upcoming COP 19 event in Warsaw, the REN Alliance is scheduled to “introduce the theme of a 100% renewable energy future, and introduce case studies on how to attain this vision.” The side event is supposed to touch on technical integration of renewable energy resources, policies, financing, and more. Speakers will include

Long Lost Photos Reveal Precious Data About Greenland's Glacier History

  Considering that we didn’t start getting satellites up into the atmosphere until the 1970s, it comes as no surprise that recently discovered photographs from the 1930s depicting Greenland’s glaciers are viewed as a precious scientific resource. Rediscovered in a castle just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark, the photographs below spawn from 1930s aerial surveys of

Vintage Bike Ride in France (VIDEO)

Love vintage bicycling outfits, and vintage bikes? Who doesn’t. Throw in some beautiful French countryside, old towns, and landmarks, and you’ve got a pretty beautiful bike ride (and video). Here’s a video ad for such a bike ride (love it): Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize, who shared the video above but is actually 100% about

Science Round-up: Underground River Found, Ancient Microbes, Early Mammals & A Mass-Killing Methane 'Burp'

My August 2011 Science news roundup: An underground river flowing two miles beneath the Amazon River has been detected; ancient microbes may have been found in 3.46 billion year old Australian sandstone bed (also: a fossil of the earliest mammalian ancestor has been found in China) ; a dinosaur era mass extinction of marine life has been attributed to a massive methane gas release.

Kate Winslet, PETA Oppose Foie Gras Foie gras is a “luxury food” or delicacy. However, if you watched the video above, I imagine you’d rather not pay anything for it. Completely horrifying. It is nice to see Kate Winslet joining the Pope, world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, PETA, and others trying to bring an end to the consumption and commercial sale

Effort to Ban $1 Billion Fur Industry in Denmark

Denmark’s largest newspaper, Ekstra Bladet, activists from the animal welfare organization ANIMA, and Danish TV2 have revealed horrible animal cruelty at mink and fox farms in Denmark. Some of the things they caught on camera were a fox with three legs lagging around in its cage; a fox with a mouth full of abscesses; a

Test Centre for Wind Turbines in Northwest Jutland

Østerild, in northwest Jutland, Denmark, will be the test bed for a new way in which wind energy can be generated. A national test centre for wind turbines will be set up in Østerild, which the Risoe National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy at the Technical University of Denmark believes will help consolidate and expand Denmark’s

The Return of the Bicycle

Following up on the bike naked, bike classy, bike-sharing, and other bike articles I’ve written lately, here is a great recent piece by Lester R. Brown on the return of the bike (subheadings added). Enjoy. Lester R. Brown The bicycle has many attractions as a form of personal transportation. It alleviates congestion, lowers air pollution,

The EU and MTV Team Up: Copenhagen Prelude

The European Union (EU) and MTV are working together to get young people involved in the climate debate. The major entities started their “Play to Stop – Europe for Climate” campaign this month. Working with international music artists and other international celebrities, this is a major campaign to mobilize the youth around the topic of

Depletion of Cold North Could Spark New Cold War

We’ve written often recently off the challenges soon to be faced by the continuing melt of the Arctic. Without a doubt, there are resources up there that someone will attempt to get their grubby little hands on. And, with the price of oil continuing to skyrocket with each passing month, if oil is found in

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