Deforestation Amazon

Agricultural Expansion Into The Amazon Is A No-Win Situation, Research Finds

The large-scale conversion of the Amazon rainforest into agricultural land is a no-win situation for all involved, according to new research from the Woods Hole Research Center and a collection of Universities in the region. If deforestation in the Amazon continues it will result in greatly reduced agricultural productivity in the region, via climate feedbacks.

Severe Drought In The Amazon Is Caused By Climate Change, Study Finds

The Amazon rainforest has been suffering through the effects of a mega-drought, covering an area more than twice the size of California, since 2005, a new NASA-led study has found. This new research, “when combined with observed recurrences of droughts every few years and associated damage to the forests in southern and western Amazonia in

Deforestation In The Amazon Is Wiping Out Microbial Communities

There is a enormous loss of microbial diversity and communities occurring in the Amazon being as a result of deforestation, new research has found. This is an extremely important finding, and an area of research that has mostly gone uninvestigated. Microbial organisms are an integral part of any healthy, functioning ecosystem, if a large enough

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