Extremely Extreme Weather in 2010.. Perhaps Most Extreme on Record

Dr. Jeff Masters, a world-leading meteorologist, just finished a compilation of what he considered 2010’s top 20 extreme weather events. All in all, he considers 2010 to be the most extreme year for weather since records began and, unfortunately, with a good understanding of climate change, he hints at what we could be in for if we don’t turn things around quickly.

Climate Science News of the Last Week (or So)

Other than all the big news we wrote about last week (click on our Global Warming or Science categories above), here are a number of climate science stories I thought were worth sharing: Climate Science Human Impact of Climate Change While many might think that environmentalists only want to protect the environment for its own

New Study Concludes Hurricanes are Becoming Stronger Due to Global Warming

Nature has published a major analysis concluding that higher sea surface temperatures caused by global warming are creating stronger hurricanes. The net effect of global warming on the frequency of hurricane formation remains uncertain. Global warming causes sea surface temperatures to increase, but it also causes wind shear to increase, which disrupts hurricane formation. However,

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