Military: Climate Strategy Vital, Not Political Chicken Game

A panel of extraordinary military leaders—16 men and women generals and admirals, including prior commanders, commandants, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—came to a pretty devastating conclusion recently about climate strategy. The Military Advisory Board of the Center for Naval Analyses, a 70-year-old federally funded think tank, says that current actions by the

Selfish? Maybe You Think Too Much

People who take more time to think over certain decisions — like how much money to contribute to a common pool — tend to give less than those who act more impulsively. That’s according to the results of a recent  “public goods” experiment conducted by behavioral psychology researchers at Harvard University. The debate over whether

Working Together (Cool Your Green Mind Monday)

We are all one. I know, we are each unique individuals, especially in the US. But, on another level, we are also all connected, and we can even say, on some level, all one. Even on a simple, physical level, look at how we can’t help but affect each other — if you’re in a

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