Florida Orange Crop 'Totally Threatened' By Bacterium-Carrying Bug

The State of Florida’s $9 billion annual orange crop is under serious threat from ‘citrus greening’ disease (also known by its Asian name huanglongbing); some citrus farmers are calling it the worst threat to their crop in over half a century. The disease is caused by a bacterium called Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus, which, as the

Saying Thank You to Climate Leaders Worth Over $1 Trillion

11:149. This is basically the ratio of pro- and anti-climate legislation lobbying expenditures in 2009. The oil and gas industry put in $175 million. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put in $123.3 million. And pro-environmental groups put in $22.4 million. ExxonMobil, alone, spent more money on lobbying than all pro-environmental groups spent in total, $27.4

Earth Hour Getting Large Corporate Support

[social_buttons] We know that it is actually a positive thing these days to care about the environment. It is not a fringe, weirdo concern. For this reason, we now even have the problem of corporate greenwashing — companies (or politicians, people, etc.) trying to convince people they are green when they are not. As we

Coke Extends Commitment to Reduce Carbon Footprint

In 2002 the Coca-Cola Company used 3.12 liters of water to produce every liter of poduct. The company, which has captured the taste buds of drinkers worldwide used .57 megajoules of energy and averaged 12.54 grams of waste per liter of product. It’s no wonder that the Coke Kingdom has been less than popular among environmental groups.

Why James Bond Would Drink Motor Oil Before Drinking Coke

The first time I saw the James Bond Coca-Cola ad, I didn’t think much about it. But now it turns my spit to bile. [social_buttons] It’s disgustingly ironic that the owners of the James Bond series would advertise Coke with a film about (spoiler alert) a greenwashing corporation stealing water from the third world. Because

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