US Coastal Populations Growing, At Risk of Extreme Weather

Nearly 40% of the US population is concentrated in counties directly on the shoreline, according to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with input from the US Census Bureau. On top of that, US coastal populations are set to grow from 123 million people as it stands today, to 134 million

Mystery: Brown Pelicans Dying Along California Coast

A disproportionate amount of Brown Pelicans have been dying along the California coast in recent days. This is especially troubling since the pelicans have been on the endangered list since 1970.  The birds were nearly decimated before the chemical pesticide DDT was banned in 1972. This grim development is being monitored by wildlife conservation and

Brazil Establishes Whale Sanctuary Along its Entire Coast

[social_buttons] The Brazilian government has today signed a federal decree establishing the Brazilian Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary, which will drastically increase protection for all cetacean species along the country’s entire 5,000 mile long coast. According to José Truda Palazzo, Jr., Brazilian Commissioner to the International Whaling Commission, “the initiative sends a clear and powerful message

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