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Top 15 Activism Stories of the Week

Leading up to and since Tim DeChristopher’s sentencing, there’s been a lot of talk around the internet regarding the direct action that’s needed, and not needed, today. Everyone who cares about the environment seems to be getting into it. DeChristopher has now spent over one week of his two years in prison now, and people are trying to find a way to make his sacrifice worth it, to take his message to a louder megaphone, to bring about the change he (and all of us) have been striving for quite unsuccessfully…

Disturbing Anti-Coal Plant Ads Take Over D.C. Metro Station

Starting July 12th, the Sierra Club started taking over all of the ad space inside Washington, D.C.’s Farragut North Station. They are sharing their message about the dangers of air pollution from coal-fired power plants and the related health risks. Around 80 metro cars have carried similar ads since April.

Greenpeace Activists Climb Old Coal Power Plant [VIDEO]

On the heals of a momentous new study on the true cost of coal released by leading Harvard economist Dr. Paul Epstein, Greenpeace engaged in some trademark direct action in Bridgeport, Connecticut this morning. Greenpeace activists climbed an old coal power plant there and hung a banner (above) reading “Shut It Down: Quit Coal.” Six schools

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