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Video Games to Tackle Global Warming

  We’ve written about Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project several times now. And you can still host a Climate Reality presentation in your town (we encourage that). But Gore and the team have been looking to expand their reach even further by getting into video games. Gore’s already tackled film, concerts, and books — why not

Global Warming Denial Hits the Fan (Video)

This is an awesome video from the Climate Reality project that Joe Mohr shared with me. Love it. As you can see at the end, it was a lead-in to the 24 Hours of Climate Reality event, which we are currently live-streaming here on Planetsave.

24 Hours of Climate Reality (Live Stream)

24 Hours of Climate Reality, Al Gore’s new, big push to raise climate awareness and promote the solutions available to address climate change today, is tomorrow, September 14. You can check in right here tomorrow at any time for live streaming of this worldwide event. The live streaming will occur below…

Al Gore Launches Climate Reality Project

Al Gore turned from a waffling politician to a leading climate action activist a few years ago. If someone mentions Al Gore now, probably the #1 association that comes to mind is global warming, due to his wildly popular and influential film “An Inconvenient Truth” and resulting Nobel Peace Prize. While there are probably thousands upon thousands of trolls spreading misinformation about Al Gore and climate change across the internet, confusing the public and hurting a very respectable man’s reputation, Al Gore and his message are tremendously needed today.

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