climate adaptation

Pact Of Amsterdam Calls For EU Cities’ Air Pollution Action Plan

The Pact of Amsterdam has been released, seeking collaboration from EU cities concerning pressing challenges such as air pollution, climate adaptation, transportation, and energy transition. “Cities have a key role to play in translating national and EU policy objectives into concrete action. They directly or indirectly implement EU policies and legislation and contribute to EU’s

Military: Climate Strategy Vital, Not Political Chicken Game

A panel of extraordinary military leaders—16 men and women generals and admirals, including prior commanders, commandants, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—came to a pretty devastating conclusion recently about climate strategy. The Military Advisory Board of the Center for Naval Analyses, a 70-year-old federally funded think tank, says that current actions by the

How Extreme Weather Will Impact World's Major Cities

  In the 2004 science fiction movie The Day After Tomorrow, climate change causes catastrophic events through extreme weather. Powerful tornadoes rip through Los Angeles, a giant snowstorm hits New Delhi, and a massive tidal wave hits Manhattan, causing extreme flooding. All of this makes for good popcorn munching, brought to us by Hollywood, but it

1st Climate Refugees ("Sun Come Up" Video Trailer)

We can already see the early effects of climate change. Large storms, record-breaking heat, floods, droughts, fires, and food shortages… And, some people need to abandon their homes in islands that look like paradise because the seas are rising. Here’s a trailer for a great-looking upcoming film on some of the world’s first climate refugees,

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