Greening your Community Part 2: The First Meeting

Most people don’t have much money at this point in time but that’s ok, by spending a small amount more or even the same amount, we can all benefit by saving energy and in turn reducing our electric bills. Solar panels are expensive, the majority of people won’t be able to afford them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reduce their electric bill by helping them implement energy saving habits like turning off lights!

How to Green your Community

I have spent hours researching how to turn my community green. I suppose I’m a little too anxious to create change. I went directly for who I should contact locally for changing laws and such. Again, I was reminded that all things take time. One of the first things pretty much every site said about community change was that you should form a group. And it’s true, there is great strength in numbers, so here’s how to go about it.

Martin Luther King and the Possibility of Change

(Crossposted from our sister blog, “Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends. And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.” I have friends who don’t believe

Want to Eat Less? Just Imagine Eating More

Imagine a big slice of your favorite pie. Imagine eating all of it. Your mouth automatically begins salivating, your taste buds begin firing up. Now, imagine eating more pie until you are full…A short while later, you find yourself confronted with the real pie. You might think that this is going to be a problem,

Increased Chance of Dead Zones in US Waters

A new report issued by US environmental and scientific federal agencies suggests that there is a growing thread of hypoxia in US waters. Hypoxia is a condition which sees oxygen levels in the water decrease to a point which stresses or kills the animal and bacterial life living therein. “The Nation’s coastal waters  are vital

US Farmers Suffer Under Public and Regulatory Pressure

Farming has always been hard, and in the last 50 years has become incrementally harder with the need to make more, pollute less, satisfy everyone while still supporting yourself. All of this has to happen with increasingly scarce natural resources and the looming crisis of climate change and the effect farming is having on climate

A Change Will Do You Good

Change, it is what we are all promoting in this field. We identified that we are on a crash course in life, the life of future generations, others, all of the species that are suffering due to our inconsiderate and consumptive ways, and the natural environment as we know it and as it has come

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