Carbon Tax! (Cartoon)

Oy — unfortunately, this is the situation today: h/t Climate Progress Related Stories: 4.47 To 1 — Ratio Of U.S. Voters Who Would Prefer Carbon Tax To Cut In Spending US Senators Propose Carbon Tax China Announces Introduction Of Carbon Tax $20/Ton Carbon Tax Could Reduce US Deficit by $1.2 Trillion in 10 Years 75%

Christmas Wishes Sent To Monsanto Claus

My previous Monsanto Claus cartoons: Monsanto Claus 2009: Ho Ho Oh No! (original title, eh?) Monsanto Claus 2010: A RoundUp-Resistant Christmas Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…

Hatred Of Gays Trumps Hatred Of Big Gov

More gay craziness from the Right From PlanetSave: Mass Bird & Fish Deaths Due to Gay Marriage! Problem Solved [VIDEO] You can also get a hard copy of this cartoon in the current issue of Yes! Magazine. Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…

Informative Sunset

More on Renewable Energy (and Peace) From PlanetSave: Wind & Solar Are Shining Examples of US Economic Success, Potential, & Jobs (but Under Threat) From Greenpeace: The Energy [R]evolution 2012 From Democracy Now: Global Warming & War: New Study Finds Link Between Climate Change & Conflict Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…

Hole-y Cow! WTFistula?

Here’s some text from a PBS interview with Michael Pollan, entitled “Modern Meat.” This covers the need for the holes (“Rumen Fistula”) and more. Read the whole thing via the link, this snippet is just the beginning. The problem with this system, or one of the problems with this system, is that cows are not evolved

Guns: The Cartoon

A rare cartoon that does not cover an environmental topic. However, my concern with gun control and safety runs parallel with my environmental concerns. Simply, other people should not be making huge decisions that grow their bottom line while putting the masses at risk. Like the many agri-chemical, coal, oil, and major polluting corporations I

Code Green Cartoons (Cool)

  There’s a new green cartoonist in town, adding on to the great work Mean Joe Green (whose cartoons are featured regularly here on Planetsave) and others do in this arena, including mainstream cartoonist Tom Toles, who does a wonderful job in this arena. Here are a couple of here cartoons: More on Stephanie McMillan’s green

Texas: 1/2 Billion Trees Killed from Current Drought

  Yep, this is one of the effects of global warming we can expect to see more and more of. Global warming causes drought. And drought kills plants, animals, and humans. Texas has seen record-breaking drought in the past year. That has far-reaching implications for not only Texas, but the whole world. And, yes, if

Cartoons of the Week

I’ve run into a few really good cartoons or images this week. Check these masterpieces out: h/t Google+ (not sure who created it) h/t Skeptical Science h/t Climate Progress

Big Coal Shaping Public School Education–Really!

This cartoon was inspired by the Washington Post article, “Energy industry shapes lessons in public schools.” Big Coal may be molding our youth with pro-coal propaganda, but worry not, Big Coal also offers a “green” video to teachers called “The Greening of Planet Earth,” which says that “our world is deficient in carbon dioxide, and

Occupy Message Pretty Clear (But Media Can't Hear It)

  We just used this cartoon in another post, but it is such an awesome cartoon that I wanted to highlight it by sharing it by itself. So accurate. The message is dead clear, and has been from day one, but the media (most large media corporations, that is) seem dead set on not hearing

Cartoonist Tom Toles Slams Republican Global Warming Deniers

Tom Toles creates some of the best climate change and political cartoons I’ve seen. He’s a Pullitzer-Prize winning cartoonist who works for the Washington Post. After the “1,000,000th email [in a day] complaining that [he’s] not fair to the Republicans” following a recent cartoon of his (above), Toles wrote the following (a great post on global warming denial and Republicans)

Charlie Sheen Cartoon, Climate Change, and the U.S. Today

We’ve got a lot of crazy stuff going on these days. It makes you wonder if society isn’t just increasingly obsessed with craziness and subconsciously determined to do crazy, self-destructive things… what else would explain our obsession with Charlie Sheen, our ignorance of and inaction on catastrophic climate change, and our decision to put people

Global Warming Cartoon, Glimpse of the Future

Here’s a great cartoon from Matt Bors of The Free Press. Funny, but also sad. h/t Climate Progress Related Cartoons: Fox News Serving Up Climate Skepticism Earth is an Oil-Coal-holic The Republican Triple Threat Global Warming — What If It’s a Big Hoax Here Comes Trouble Related Stories: Snow Will Fall Despite Climate Change Why

Global Warming — What If It’s a Big Hoax [CARTOON]

Of course, I wouldn’t endorse that ridiculous claim that global warming is a hoax for a second. The science is clear. However, even if you were completely confused about this matter, what would be the point of not working to improve our society with clean energy, more jobs, clean water and air, a better quality

Best Climate or Energy Humor of 2010

Joe Romm of Climate Progress has a post up on the best climate and energy cartoons or other humor of 2010. Definitely worth a share. Here are few cartoons from the post as a teaser. More in the article and a ton more good ones in the comments. Enjoy! (I thought about compiling my own

If Climate Change Were a Dog (Cartoon)

I love this cartoon — a picture’s worth a thousand words. Joe Mohr, the cartoonist, wrote on Planetsave awhile back, and I’ll take this opportunity to announce that we’ll start featuring his cartoons on Planetsave once a week now.

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