Global Warming Cartoon, Glimpse of the Future

Here’s a great cartoon from Matt Bors of The Free Press. Funny, but also sad. h/t Climate Progress Related Cartoons: Fox News Serving Up Climate Skepticism Earth is an Oil-Coal-holic The Republican Triple Threat Global Warming — What If It’s a Big Hoax Here Comes Trouble Related Stories: Snow Will Fall Despite Climate Change Why

I Can't Sleep Now, SIWOTI [CARTOON]

Nice. Found this on Climate Denial Crock of the Week. I’m sure Peter Sinclair knows this feeling. I run into it (and the situation in the cartoon) all too often 😀 (If you didn’t catch it, SIWOTI stands for “Someone Is Wrong On The Internet.”) Image Credit: xkdc

Global Warming — What If It’s a Big Hoax [CARTOON]

Of course, I wouldn’t endorse that ridiculous claim that global warming is a hoax for a second. The science is clear. However, even if you were completely confused about this matter, what would be the point of not working to improve our society with clean energy, more jobs, clean water and air, a better quality

Best Climate or Energy Humor of 2010

Joe Romm of Climate Progress has a post up on the best climate and energy cartoons or other humor of 2010. Definitely worth a share. Here are few cartoons from the post as a teaser. More in the article and a ton more good ones in the comments. Enjoy! (I thought about compiling my own

If Climate Change Were a Dog (Cartoon)

I love this cartoon — a picture’s worth a thousand words. Joe Mohr, the cartoonist, wrote on Planetsave awhile back, and I’ll take this opportunity to announce that we’ll start featuring his cartoons on Planetsave once a week now.

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