"Sugar With That, Or ASPARTAME [Modified E. Coli Poop]?"

Here’s a rather nauseating, if not scary, tidbit about an artificial sweetener beloved to humankind. And also to Monsanto. Aspartame. The second most used artificial sweetener in the world, next to saccharine. Every time you pour those little flecks of NutraSweet® or Equal® into your coffee cup, you’re getting ready to swallow the feces of

Review: The Long Shadow Of Chernobyl

Though we try to keep a very positive focus here, PlanetSave isn’t just a blog about the wonders of the natural world and the glory of Mankind’s inventions. It also offers knowledge and a caution about our failures as individuals and as a species. We’ve all made mistakes before, big and small. By acknowledging anthropogenic

Los Angeles Council Unanimously Puts Off Fracking

When the hydraulic fracturing measure passed the Los Angeles City Council today, several tweeters posted photos of this meeting (source of the above: Walker Foley on twitter). The City Council of Los Angeles, second-most populous metro in the United States, voted 10-0 today to prohibit hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and other “unconventional” deep-underground drilling methods to produce

CVS "No Go" For Tobacco: Good For The Company, Good For Our Health

Fifty years ago, the drugstore giant CVS/Caremark came into being. Also 50 years ago, Surgeon General Luther Terry released the first federal government report linking smoking with disease. Today, the events have coalesced: CVS, one of the nation’s top retail pharmacy chains (Walgreen is #1, in number of retail stores; CVS, in overall sales), has

Carcinogen In Pepsi?

The Center for Environmental Health conducted a study in June of Pepsi products and found that ten out of ten of them contained high levels of a chemical called 4-MEI. This chemical has been identified as a carcinogen by the state of California. On a CA state website, an explanation of the chemical’s health effects

Dolphin Detected Woman's Cancer?

A news story about a woman who swam with dolphins and was somehow inspired to visit a doctor who identified a cancer tumor, has speculated a dolphin might have helped. A Panama City Beach, Florida woman went on a dolphin cruise and once in the water with about 15 dolphins something strange happened. One male

Fracking Waste: Too Toxic, Even For A Hazardous Waste Site

On April 19, a truck delivering waste from a fracking operation in Greene County, Pennsylvania, was quarantined after being rejected by a hazardous waste landfill as too dangerous. The truck was carrying highly radioactive radium-226 in concentrations 86 times higher than allowed per EPA limits. After being quarantined at a the landfill, the truck was sent back

Fracking In The Age Of Cancer

In 1794 Thomas Paine released “The Age of Reason“, a call to abandon blind loyalty to institutionalized religion.The title of Paine’s work can also be applied to today’s fracking industry — in the age of cancer. In 2012 alone there were 1,600,000 newly diagnosed cancer discoveries in the United States. Some 1,500 people die of

Romney, In Brilliant Appeal For Appalachian Votes, Declares: "I Like Low Birth Weight. I Mean… Coal"

  Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in a passionate appeal for American energy independence, proudly proclaimed “I like coal” during the October 4 Presidential debate, advancing his unique and much touted job-creation plan — linking employment opportunity in Appalachia to leukemia, heart disease, cancer clusters, and low birth rate. “I like coal,” said the former Massachusetts

Left Breast vs Right Breast: Nipples Discuss Hypocrisy

I had the idea to do this cartoon last October after reading this article on EcoSnobberySucks. But when I read in the latest issue of Mother Jones Magazine that Komen has long denied the toxic impact of bpa on human health, and after the recent Planned Parenthood debacle, I had to pile on,… I mean, finally

Nano-Diamonds Boost Anti-Tumor Treatment

Chemotherapy — the therapeutic introduction of chemical toxins to cancerous tissue — can lose its effectiveness relatively quickly. Due primarily to a strongly conserved, pumping mechanism, known as cell efflux, chemo-resistant tumor cells are able to rapidly pump the anti-tumor chemicals out of the cell, rendering the chemotherapy much less effective. Pumped-out chemotoxins end up building up in extracellular tissue and sometimes killing healthy cells. This add both to the pain, and cost, of chemo.

But the key to enhancing the therapy lies in the chemistry and the geometry of simple carbon crystals known as nanodiamonds.

Human Pollution Causes Cancer in Wildlife

Cancer in wildlife caused by human pollution is on the rise, according ot Newsweek. Our impact on the environment is leading to health problems in wild animals, especially considering much of our trash contains carcinogens.  A report titled  “Wildlife Cancer: a Conservation Perspective” published in Nature Reviews Cancer found “mounting evidence of human’s contribution to

Do Hot Dogs Cause Cancer? Jersey Residents Demand Warning Labels

[youtube=] Hot dogs are gross; there’s just no getting around it.  They are made from left over parts and full of nitrates.  Unfortunately, they are part of American food culture, what little there is, and a summer time mainstay from ball parks to BBQs across the country.  New Jersey residents have filed a class action

Help Me Fight Cancer

[social_buttons] I will donate each and every dollar generated from this article to charity. That is determined by the number of views that this article receives. So help get this article as many views as possible. On digg, yahoo, reddit, e-mail it, tweet it. Do whatever you can, every view will help. All proceeds will

Cancer Victim's Widow Awarded $8 Mil. in Philip Morris Lawsuit

In a ruling that could impact thousands of similar cases, a Florida jury has ordered Philip Morris, the largest tobacco company in the US, to pay the family of a lung cancer victim $8 million in damages. [social_buttons] Elaine Hess presented evidence to the jury showing that her husband Stuart had smoked three packs of

Canada Says Chemicals Used In Cosmetics Could Cause Cancer

[social_buttons] In shocking news, the Canadian government has announced that two chemicals used in cosmetics are carcinogens that are severely harmful to human health. A further two chemicals found in lipstick and other personal care products have also been found to be highly toxic to the environment. The two cancer-causing chemicals, isoprene and epichlorohydrin, have

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