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India’s SECI Reports Record-Low Bids In 450MW Maharashtra Solar Auction

Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has awarded 450MW of solar capacity in the state of Maharashtra, with the lowest collective set of bids involving viability gap funding (VGF) to date. The low bids add emphasis to significant solar electricity activities occurring within this nation’s borders. A total of two foreign firms won significant capacity in

Extension Request For Brazil Solar Farm Development Hits Roadblock?

According to Bloomberg, Brazil has rejected requests from developers seeking more time to complete the country’s first large-scale solar farms. Brazil’s energy regulator Aneel reportedly sent a statement to a group of solar developers scheduled to completing solar farms by 2017, denying their request for extensions of as long as two years. Brazil economy blamed Financing

Canadian Solar Sells 4 PV Power Plants For $217 Million in Ontario

BluEarth Renewables has purchased four solar photovoltaic plants from Canadian Solar. BluEarth Renewables is based in Canada. The power plants were 38.5 MWac. They were part of the Ontario pipeline, which was said to be valued at $1.45 billion. It is called AC power (MWac) )because PV solar power plants have a DC and AC power output.

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