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Some of the top climate change and environmental stories of the last day or so: Climate Science Graph of the Day: Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Changes Good info and graphs on the page above, but thought I’d share the 3 videos from the post here for you to check out just in case you don’t feel

Former Fish and Wildlife Service Director Disappointed with Obama, but Hopes to Create Change with Defenders of Wildlife

Jamie Rappaport Clark, the former Fish and Wildlife Service director who later this year takes over one of Washington’s most influential environmental advocacy groups, Defenders of Wildlife, pledged to “be absolutely rock solid” in holding the Obama administration accountable for its decisions on endangered species and conservation. That’s the intro to a piece over on

No Jobs? Obama Created More in 1 Year than Bush Did in 8!

Yes, the ridiculous claim of Republicans (too many of them, at least) is that policies to address climate change and protect the environment we all need to live would kill jobs and hurt the economy. Well, really, where is the proof? Here’s a look at job losses with Bush as president and job losses and

NASA Giving Climate Science Funding a 62% Boost

NASA planning a 62% boost in climate science funding by 2015, to make up for cuts made during the George W. Bush administration. [social_buttons] NASA has announced a dramatic climate science budget increase this month. Although, it is really just a correction for dramatic budget cuts made during the George W. Bush era. NASA’s Earth

Interior Upholds Bush-Era BLM Lease Sale

[social_buttons] July 15 marked the day that would have nullified another Bush-era act in regards to the environment. It would have been a day for the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA), the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Wilderness Society to cheer. It would have been a day that released around 15,000 acres of sensitive land

Breaths of Fresh Air: Bush-Era Pollution Waivers Rejected By Courts

Power plants play a huge role in emitting pollutants that make up the ozone. This pollution browns and blackens our horizons. We call it smog. Smog has been linked to premature deaths, thousands of emergency room visits, and tens of thousands of asthma attacks each year. Pollution in the ozone is particularly dangerous to small children and the elderly, who are often warned to stay indoors on days with poor air quality due to pollutants.

Bush's 11th Hour Regulations Put On Hiatus by Obama

Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America today. As one of the first moves of his presidency, he has suspended all of former-President George Bush’s midnight regulations. The order was issued by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel directly following the swearing in of Obama. The

Bush Delivers Five Final Blows to the Environment

Though President Bush remains in office for only two more weeks, he has left a final trail of devastation to cement his legacy in place. From gutting the endangered species act to allowing toxic waste to flow freely, Bush is pushing 11th hour executive orders at a potentially record setting pace. His list of last

Last Chance to Stop EPA From Loosening Mining Regulations

Claiming that it secured necessary protections, the Environmental Protection Agency has signed off on President Bush’s proposal to weaken mining regulations. The previous regulation, enacted in 1983, banned waste dumping within 100 feet of a stream or river whose water quality could be adversely affected.

Uranium Mining Claims in Grand Canyon Area Ordered Withdrawn

For the 5th time in history, the House Natural Resources committee invoked its authority and ordered the Bush administration to stop mining claims in the Grand Canyon.  The measure was urged by Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva of Tucson, chair of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forest and Public Lands. The withdrawal halts thousands of mining

OIL: Our National Dog and Pony Show

Step Right Up And Be Amazed It struck me today that our fearless leaders, would-be’s, and corporate giants seem to think we’re all a bunch of rubes gathered outside a carnival sideshow, leaning on the barker’s every word. Urging Congress to lift its ban on offshore oil and gas drilling, our fearless leader, you know,

Bush’s Legacy Definitely not Climate Change

When you think of Americans who have done a lot for Climate Change, current president George W. Bush doesn’t spring to mind. The guy he beat for the current spot, Al Gore, definitely springs to mind; I like to think of GBW as the anti-Gore. Over the past week rumors and rumblings about a climate

Bush Continues to Erode Own Scientific Integrity

George W. Bush has definitely been a polarizing personality in his two terms as leader of the United States of America. From the beginning and his War on Iraq he has seemingly attempted to paint himself as nothing more than a moronic menace. Of late, Bush has turned his sights on becoming the world’s greatest

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