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Dear God, is Oil a Blessing or a Curse?

Originally published on EdenKeeper.org By calling on Oklahomans to pray for oil, Governor Mary Fallin has stretched the limits of my patience and perhaps a little bit of my better judgment. Governor Fallin would have us all believe that it’s been a really tough year for the oil industry. In fact, it’s been so bad

People Changed Their Minds After BP Oil Spill

  In a new study by the University of New Hampshire, researchers have found that the people that were most affected economically by the BP oil spill changed their views on a wide range of environmental issues. The research is based on surveys taken of 2,023 gulf residents, 1,017 Louisiana residents, and 1,006 Floridians. About

BP Ready for Extended Gulf of Mexico Trial

In what is his first in-depth newspaper interview since becoming CEO of BP in 2010, Bob Dudley has made it quite clear that they are expecting the trial into the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to last for several years.

The Sunday Telegraph in the UK scored the interview with Dudley, who said that he was hopeful of doing “some deals” on the details of the case, but was really expecting the case to last until 2014.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Created Urban City Air Pollution Levels

The wealth of air pollutants that were generated in the atmospheric plume as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 amounted to levels similar to the pollution created by a large city, says a new study led by researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “The levels of ozone were similar

Hands Across the Sand Events Across the US Today

Over one year since the horrible BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, media attention on the matter has waned, politicians have gone back to their old ways, and oil companies.. well, you know what they do (all while residents and wildlife are still being tremendously harmed by the disaster). But many (beyond those clearly harmed) have not forgotten and have been continuously working to prevent another such disaster in the Gulf of Mexico or anywhere else in the United States.

BP Getting $13 Billion Tax Break? {TAKE ACTION}

Last Wednesday, it was determined that BP would be getting $13 billion in tax credits. It is not clear if BP is even going to pay any taxes at all or if it will actually get money from the government after this. Why is BP getting so much money? Because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico….

Newest Gulf Report: Oil, Soot and Dead Animals on Sea Floor

Reporting her results from a fifth Gulf of Mexico expedition ending this past December,  University of Georgia marine scientist Samantha Joye has been to the bottom and back, and her findings are anything but optimistic. Her team has found numerous expanses of oil and soot covered sea floor that were “chemically finger-printed” as deriving from

Wake Up, America. You're Being Lied To [VIDEO]

The effects of the BP oil spill are still all over many Gulf beaches. One Alabama resident walks us through what is still covering the beaches there, and is as far deep in the sand as he has tried digging. A national wildlife refuge in the area is still covered in oil, with seemingly contradictory

Shell Cancels Plans to Drill in Arctic (Success!)

“Shell announced that they’ve cancelled their plans to drill exploratory wells in the Arctic in 2011 due to lack of confidence that they would meet the standards to get the required permits,” Oceana (and plenty of others) enthusiastically reported yesterday. Of course, there is no known method of successfully cleaning up oil spills in the

How Bad "Science" Confuses the Public

Via the web’s best climate denial de-crocker Peter Sinclair, the video above (by another debunker) discusses and debunks some of the more ridiculous environmental and climate science claims of late. As Sinclair sums up, here are the items covered: • “The BP Oil Spill is slowing the Gulf Stream” (not) • “Scientists Predicted it will never

Environmental, Wildlife, & Green Living News of the Week

Other than what we’ve already covered, of course, here are a number of good environmental, wildlife, and green living stories form around the internet. GreenDeals aims to be a Groupon for green shoppers New website aims to offer US consumers discounts on green products and services… High-speed rail route to get 2m trees for shelter

Oil Spill Activists Targeted by TSA Agents

I saw this story a week or so ago and decided to pass on covering it (too many stories to cover, you know?), but after running across it again, as well as a few more interesting ones, on our sister site Fail Drill, I decided they need to be on here (next three coming in

Top 30 Planetsave Posts of 2010

I know, you are extremely curious to find out which posts on Planetsave got the most views in 2010. I was too. Here they are, the top 30. Did you read them all? 30. Amazon River (10 Friday Photos) People love pretty pictures, (especially of the Amazon). 29. Top Environmental Organizations in the United States (7 Green

Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk [VIDEO]

Via our sister site FailDrill, check out this great interview and music video. “Produced in partnership with Oxfam-America, the video aims to keep the conversation going about the plight of the people still dealing with the aftermath of the spill,” Jeff McIntire-Strasburg writes. “The Gulf Coast oil spill is making headlines right now as one of

Stephen Colbert Wins Twitter

Yes, that sentence doesn’t actually make sense, but if you’re Stephen Colbert it does. Colbert typed the most popular tweet of 2010 in the midst of the BP oil spill disaster back in June: “in honor of oil-soaked birds, ‘tweets’ are now ‘gurgles.” Recognizing this great achievement, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone gave Colbert the first-ever

Gulf Oil Spill Updates

Heard much about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico lately? Probably not… once the caps were in place on the well, the media largely moved on to other stories. Even the current slew of political advertising doesn’t seem to try to make much hay out of the US’ largest environmental disaster. But

Oily Dolphin Kids’ Ride in UK [VIDEO]

Our good friend Timothy Hurst over at ecopolitology came up with a good find last week: Banksy, the famed UK street artist and subversive social commentator, took aim at BP this summer by installing a coin operated ride depicting a dolphin jumping over a spilled BP barrel of oil at the Brighton Pier on the

Green Business Blog Carnival #14

The Green Business Blog Carnival comes to Planetsave! Following up on Green Business Blog Carnival post #13, an excellent summary of green business news on Sustainablog (one of the Carnival’s co-founding sites), here’s the next edition of the Carnival for your surfing, reading, or eating pleasure (ok, nothing to eat here, sorry). The big business

Greenpeace Set to Probe BP Oil Spill Impact

Greenpeace announced Wednesday morning that they would be launching a three month expedition to analyse the impact of the BP oil spill. The Greenpeace vessel MV Arctic Sunrise will set sail Thursday morning from Saint Petersburg, Florida, and tour the southern tip of Florida and its Keys before moving northward to where the Deepwater Horizon

To Congress: Donate Your Oil Money to Gulf Restoration Efforts!

Great new petition telling members of Congress to donate their oil campaign money to Gulf restoration efforts. I’ve written about the massive amounts of money oil companies give to politicians, and the political influence that has, before. And I have to say, I wish I had thought up this simple, obvious solution for helping Gulf

Oil Spill Condoms

A variety of oil spill condoms, political condoms, or endangered species condoms are available for folks practicing safe sex these days. Want to help the Gulf of Mexico while also having safe sex? Exactly what you’ve been thinking about lately, right? Well, now you can! Practice Safe Policy has started selling Oil Spill Condoms. 20% of

Fragile Day Song Benefits Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup [MUSIC VIDEO]

More music to help with the BP oil spill cleanup. I’ve written about the combination of great music and environmental activism here on Planetsave a few times recently (see: The Mercy Project Update (1st Listening of Pauli Carman’s Remake of Marvin Gaye’s Classic “Mercy, Mercy Me”) & Environmental Music Films). A good friend of mine,

Greenpeace Shuts Down Every BP Station in London [UPDATE: Video Added]

50 BP stations shut down in London by Greenpeace activists. Reason? BP is “moving beyond petroleum.” [UPDATE: YouTube video of the actions added below] Who else could do it but Greenpeace? In a big statement to new “CEO elect” Bob Dudley, Greenpeace is bringing back BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” message, but perhaps not in the way

Environmental Music Films

Like music? Like the environment? I was recently introduced to some excellent Environmental Music Films (EMFs) by Kristen Farquhar on YouTube that connect the two beautifully. Kristen writes that these EMFs are “meant to stir” people’s hearts and minds and are “about our human RELATIONSHIP (self, and other) with land, sea, and sky, and all

470+ Endangered Sea Turtles Killed by BP Oil Spill (so far)

470 endangered sea turtles and thousands of birds officially killed by BP oil spill so far. Many more covered in oil and on the brink of death. Well, BP has stopped burning endangered sea turtles alive and has apparently gotten the leak stopped, but official reports show that, as of yesterday, at least 470 endangered

Underwater Robots will Stop the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Robots are the solution to stopping the oil spill. Here are some ways that robotics engineering teams are helping, and examples of how underwater robots work: *the entire area around the BP Deepwater Horizon wellhead, a mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico is constantly being monitored and worked on with robotic activity.

BP No Longer Burning Endangered Sea Turtles, They Say

Following up on a post I wrote a couple weeks ago about BP burning endangered sea turtles alive, the news is now that they have responded to the criticism (as if burning endangered sea turtles and blocking hired rescue crews from saving them isn’t something they could have seen was beyond wrong in the first

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