Bluefin Tuna

'Whale Wars' Stars — Sea Shepherd Crew — Headed into Libyan Waters

We’ve written about the adventures of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society probably over a dozen times here on Planetsave. It is a leading environmental and animal activism organization that has achieved some great successes. And there’s one thing quite obvious to most who follow them — they are willing to go where most won’t and take risks most wouldn’t dream of.

Huge Bluefin Tuna Black Market and Overfishing Identified

Recently, an investigation and then a comprehensive analysis of bluefin tuna have shown some bad news for this magnificent creature. “New data seen by conservation organisations WWF and Greenpeace reveals that documentation for 2010 bluefin tuna catches in the Mediterranean Sea is as riddled with rule-flouting and inadequacies as ever before,” WWF reports. “Cases include catches

Help Protect Bluefin Tuna by November 17

We’ve written on bluefin tuna a number of times on Planetsave. This amazing fish, which can swim at up to 55 mph (it is the fastest fish in the sea) and can live for up to 30 years, is getting fished to extinction, and it’s time to do something about it… The Pew Environment Group (PEG) has

Costco Adopts Sustainable Seafood Policy (correction)

Costco has responded positively to its shareholders’ suggestions in a letter posted on its website last month. Costco has, as of 2009, voluntarily disclosed more information about its seafood suppliers.
Additionally, Costco has begun working with suppliers of farmed salmon to insure compliance with the Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue and will partner with the World Wildlife Fund to monitor Thailand’s compliance with the Shrimp Aquaculture Dialogue.

Annual Quota of Bluefin Tuna Caught in 1 Week

Industrial fishing fleets can catch fish in numbers unimaginable to fishermen a few decades ago. The capabilities are more than unimaginable, though. They are also unsustainable. With bluefin tuna on the brink of extinction, fishing quotas are set for these giants of the sea in the European Union. But annual quotas can be caught in

Some Restaurant Sushi Contains Endangered Species

A recent study has produced some astonishing and disturbing results. Tuna was ordered from 31 sushi restaurants. Genetic tests were then used to identify the species of fish ordered. Nineteen of the restaurants surveyed incorrectly described or could could not indicate which species of fish they had served. A few establishments actually served endangered bluefin tuna not knowing which

Robert De Niro Caught Selling Endangered Fish in His Restaurants

This past weekend, undercover operatives from Greenpeace tested the DNA of fish served in several London-based restaurants that are part of a chain known as Nobu. The restaurants are partially owned by actor Robert De Niro. The tested fish were discovered to be endangered bluefin tuna. In an incredibly stupid response, Nobu’s principal manager has

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