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  If you’re not familiar with the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study, here’s the quick summary: A ‘global warming skeptic’ who was convinced, somehow, that climate scientists who had been studying global temperatures for the last several decades hadn’t done a careful enough job. He, Dr. Richard Muller, got together a team of top statisticians and

Curry Lost in Denial (& Global Warming Still = More Snow)

I recently noticed an inane article in the Daily Mail trying to create another scandal out of climate skeptic Richard Muller’s recent finding that the climate scientists were right after all. Apparently, one of the co-authors, infamous (within climate science circles) Judith Curry was less than enthusiastic about the results. When seeing the news (in

BEST Climate Science Study (The Video)

The ever-witty and insightful video-making expert Peter Sinclair has made one of his signature “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” videos around the topic of the recent BEST climate study, a study by a “climate skeptic” that ended up telling us what climate scientists have been telling us for decades. Yes, this skeptic study has

Yes, Global Warming is Real AND Caused by Humans

  Nothing surprising here, but with a global warming skeptic that deniers were absolutely in love with a few months ago (Richard Muller) finding that the world is warming in his Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study (BEST), the out-right deniers have kicked him out of their cult and are also claiming that his study was useless.

BEST Study (Climate Science Skeptic Study) Finds Global Warming is Real — Global Warming Deniers Are Pissed (What's New?)

When Richard Muller launched the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study (BEST) to “independently” evaluate once and for all if global warming was happening or not, many of us followers of climate science were a bit irritated. Why?

THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED repeatedly. Nearly every overarching scientific body and organization connected with the matter has backed up the clear findings, because it is not just 1 or 2 things telling us the world is warming — about a dozen long-researched factors show us very clearly that the world is warming due to human greenhouse gas emissions.

The BEST study was partially funded by some of the biggest global warming deniers on the planet.
Richard Muller was widely known for completely misquoting and misrepresenting both climate scientists and Al Gore on this matter.

Well, even despite the potential bias and flaws, the now-released results of the BEST study reiterate (for the umpteenth time) global warming is happening. The results are nearly identical to the results of so many climate scientists and overarching scientific bodies before it that this really would not be news in a sane world. From the BEST study:

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